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Where I Party!


  1. Hi! I started hearing about link parties when I began designing my first blog (love your social media icons, d/ling em now). Its almost complete and link parties sound like 'thats where its at'. How exactly do they work? I've heard people mention being early (well, read, not heard.) Its been on my mind (as I usually pick things up pretty quick) but you seem super helpful and genuine so if you can give me some quick insight I'd much appreciate it and naturally give you a shout out for the help AND ICONS!

    1. Hey Eve! Link parties are a great place to get traffic to your posts -- especially if you are a newer blog! Blogs like the ones listed above post a link party on their blog on certain days of the week and normally at a set time. It always seems that the first links get the most traffic (possibly because the other bloggers linking up check out the links that are already joined up). So for example - say you post a recipe for pancakes and that week you join the Link Party Palooza which is on Tatertotsandjello.com and goes live at 7pm EST every Friday. You grab the direct URL to your pancake post and enter it in at the bottom. Here is the Link Party Palooza from last week ... you can't add links now but maybe stop by there tonight and check it out after 7pm EST :) I swear people set their timers for this one so they can be the first to link up. If you go right at 7 tons of people are rushing to add theirs!
      Hope this helps!! -Kelsey


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