Poofy Cheeks: About Me

About Me

Hey I’m Kelsey! I am originally from a teeny-tiny town in the Midwest – Rochelle, IL. I loved growing up in the Midwest and often miss the corn fields, fall leaves, apple orchards, and the friendliness of the people. I now live in Central Florida and though I love the Sunshine State – I am itching for something new.

I am a wife and mother. This blog helps me to do something I love and I have found a true passion for blogging. Writing this blog allows me to escape my daily duties each day and interact with a community of others who share the same goals and awesome crafty ideas that I have.

I work from home running the Poofy Cheeks blog and shop. I took the plunge to work from home in November of 2012 and it has been my hardest job to date! Working from home and raising three kids has me finding new gray hairs almost daily. Overall the experience has been rewarding and I have proved more than a few people wrong along the way.

I was pursuing a degree in web design, but I recently took a break because life can throw curve balls when we least expect it. Since my family lives on a budget you will find that most all of the things I share are budget friendly!

This is the crew - my husband is such a great dad and so supportive of my blog and crafts – he even let me turn the dining room into a craft room (after I let him turn a bedroom into a man room – wink!) My boys, Wyatt and Mason, are 5 and 4. They often test my patience but their witty words and funny remarks remind me how lucky I am to be a momma! In November I was also blessed with a little girl, Delilah, who has taught me how precious life can be. She was in the NICU for a week after her birth and spent another four days in the PICU at five months old with RSV. Thankfully today she is a happy and healthy little girl.


Other random facts about me-
  • I am addicted to Peach Snapple and always have it on hand!
  • I’m a leftover snob – hate leftovers!!!
  • I’m not a big fan of chocolate
  • My favorite craft tool is my glue gun