Poofy Cheeks: Easy To Do Holiday Hack with Kerrie Kelly

November 23, 2016

Easy To Do Holiday Hack with Kerrie Kelly

Today interior designer Kerrie Kelly is guest posting with ideas on how to hack your house before the holidays. Changing a few things can completely change the look and feel of your home and Kerrie is a pro when it comes to cabinetry-

Holiday Home Hacks with Kerrie Kelly

Fall is almost over, which means the upcoming months will be filled with one holiday after another. With the entertaining season upon us, kitchens will be filled to the brim with visiting guests  and family members and bathrooms will be seen by all. Don’t let a lackluster, outdated space dampen the festive spirit—get your space up-to-date just in time for the holidays with cabinet refacing. This simple process saves time and money, letting you avoid a full-blown remodel in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a great way to give an instant facelift to your kitchen space this holiday season.

Know What to Expect

While some spaces may not be suitable candidates, those that are structurally sound, free of extensive damage and simply in need of a cosmetic “boost” can benefit greatly from budget-friendly refacing. If the bones are good, a kitchen or bathroom can be transformed in a matter of days, instead of taking months like a typical renovation. Plus, not only does refacing avoid extensive labor and expenses, but it also saves waste from filling landfills. Remember: Your cabinetry placement will be staying the same, so if you’re looking to change the layout of your cabinetry or appliances, a full remodel would be the best choice for your space.

Switch Up Your Style

The beauty of cabinet refacing is its ability to allow a breath of fresh air into an outdated space at a much lower cost than a typical remodel. Spice up your kitchen or bathroom just in time for the holidays by introducing a completely new style into your space. Cabinetry doors are a wonderful way to make the easy transition into a new decorative style. Do you find yourself gravitating towards everything sleek and minimal, yet your kitchen is traditional and ornate? Reface your kitchen with modern cabinet doors for an instant contemporary upgrade. Does your guest bathroom need to be brought up to date? Swapping out the old cabinetry doors for some with a new finish is a simple fix that will have your guests talking.

Holiday Home Hacks with Kerrie Kelly

Spice Up Your Space with Color

In addition to a new cabinetry style, introducing a new color palette can also completely change the look and feel of your space. A bold new color can bring a dramatic effect to the simplest of cabinetry in a bathroom or kitchen. Try mixing up finishes in the kitchen with varying hues on bottom and upper cabinetry—it’ll bring a modern twist not seen too often. However, introducing color doesn’t have to stop with cabinetry. Create a completely new look by replacing the backsplash with a fun geometric pattern.

 Add Small Upgrades with Dazzling Effects

Small upgrades can go a long way with transforming your space for holiday entertaining. Beadboard siding and crown molding can add dramatic depth to traditional spaces. Replacing a few cabinetry faces with glass-front doors brings airiness to a dark, crowded kitchen. Even switching out hardware elevates a small bathroom to a swanky retreat for holiday guests.

What are your easy hacks for the holidays?

 Kerrie Kelly is a Sacramento, California based interior designer who heads up Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, who provides design tips on an array of topics, like updating the look and feel of your kitchen with cabinet refacing. For advice about how on how to get information about implementing cabinet refacing solutions in your home, visit here.


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