Poofy Cheeks: 'Unofficial' Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book

February 21, 2016

'Unofficial' Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book

You guys know our family LOVES Disney. If you follow me on Instagram then you should REALLY know. Today Danielle from Busy Moms Helper is here sharing all the info about her fun and genius Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph book! I think every mom can relate to having kids whine while waiting in theme park lines but this book helps alleviate all of the stress. I have had the chance to peek inside the book and I can say it would be great for kids of all ages. From my 3 year old daughter to my six and eight year old boys it would keep them all occupied!

'Unofficial' Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book

Hey Danielle here! Don’t you hate the whines when you’re waiting in line for rides at Disneyland? Well now you can avoid it and keep your magical vacation much more stress free with our ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book! Just in time for Spring Break, summer vacation or even later this year for the holidays!

I’ve been working hard on this ever since I got sick of the ‘how much longer’ nagging that my kids would do when we were at the theme parks. Its enough to turn a fabulous vacation into a stressful one! So I created something to keep them happily occupied while in line for rides, waiting for the parade to start, or even when they need to unwind at the hotel after a busy day on Tower of Terror.

Since blank autograph pages are so boring, we included more than 20 creatively themed pages to nab their favorite character’s signatures! From classics like Goofy and Ariel, to new favs like Darth Vader or the Avengers, there’s plenty of spaces!

'Unofficial' Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book

To keep their attention spans happy, we made sure there was a variety of activities they can do – from games, mazes, trivia, matching, connect the dots, coloring and crosswords to fun Disney facts, designing your own Tarzan Treehouse and even creating their own super hero suite, they have plenty of options!

To keep the memories of your magical vacation safe, there are pages for writing down favorite moments, funny things people said or did, top rides and foods – even a place to trace their handprint.

'Unofficial' Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book

'Unofficial' Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book

Don’t you hate trying to get past crowds JUST so you can check the height requirements for a ride? I sure did, but now we’ve got them in our book, along with ride checklists divided by ‘lands’. Makes it so much easier – plus you can see which rides are around based on which land you’re currently in!

Whether you want a PDF to print and bind it yourself, or want to save time by getting a professionally printed book with bound, shiny cover – we’ve got you covered by offer either one!

It’s super easy to carry around or put in your bags because we kept it at 6x9, which was just perfect and avoided extra bulk. With 66 complete pages, it’ll keep the kids happy during those long waits your whole trip! Plan your next Disneyland and California Adventure vacation now, and make it even better with the ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book!


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  1. These are adorable!! I think it will be a couple years before all our kiddos are old enough to appreciate Disneyland... but someday!! :D


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