5 Best Party Games for Adults

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Ever since we moved to my husband’s hometown our house has become the party place. We have a big group of friends over on a monthly basis if not more often. Sometimes we watch movies, usually we play games and occasionally there are a few drinks involved. With four kids there is no such thing as going out anymore. I’m certainly not complaining because going out was never our thing anyway. With Mike being a patrol deputy for so long he dealt with enough of the bar scene on duty that he wasn’t interested in going to them off duty.

Mike has a man room which is a complete second kitchen minus an oven in our basement where he brews beer. Brewing beer has been his hobby for the past few years and he has managed to get really good at it. Where an oven would go he has a chest freezer he converted to a refrigerator to keep his beer instead. I’m not a beer drinker but I try all of them and right now he has creamy jalapeno ale and chocolate porter in the refrigerator. The actual refrigerator in the man room is a dedicated beer refrigerator with lots of different craft beers and my occasional wine or fruity drink.

The 5 Best Party Games for Adults

Mike’s man room is also the hangout for when we have people over. Our old dining room table is in there and everyone pulls up a chair. This past New Year’s Eve we had so many people over to celebrate and play One Night that we all ended up making a big circle on the floor because there weren’t enough chairs. We had a handful of friends, my brother and his boyfriend and my sister and her boyfriend. There was nothing fancy about it but it was the best New Year’s Eve I can remember.

Since we usually always end up playing a game after the kids fall asleep or get busy watching a movie we have found a few really good ones. With any further ado here are the 5 best party games for adults in no particular order…

#1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
One night was a game we recently started playing. My brother and his boyfriend who are college students introduced it to us while they were home on Christmas break. We played it a few times with them and all loved it so much our friend bought it. The game comes with cards and then you download an app that gives you instructions. Each person gets a card that tells them what character they are during the round and then everyone closes their eyes and listens to the instructions from the app. The instructions tell each character to open their eyes at different times and do things like switch cards, peek at another players card or look at the cards in the middle pile. After the instructions everyone opens their eyes and tries to figure out who each character is before the timer goes off. Nobody wants to be the WEREWOLF! They also have a One Night Ultimate Vampire we want to get too.

#2. Cards Against Humanity
This is a game that is only meant for adults AFTER the kids have definitely gone to bed. There are cards that could also be offensive due to the language and vulgarity so it isn’t a game you would want to play with people you are worried about offending. Our family is open, not overly religious and appreciates this sort of humor so it works for us. Here is a good comparison – if you thought Deadpool was a great movie then you will love this game. If you didn’t appreciate the humor from Deadpool stick with one of the other games from the list! In Cards Against Humanity one player has a black card they read out loud with a blank and the other players have 7 white cards they can use to fill in the blank. Once everyone picks a white card the cards are read and the person with the black card picks the white card they think works best to fill in the blank. We have played the game so many times we ended up buying all the expansion packs they offer for it too.

#3. Trivial Pursuit
When we are in the trivia mood we play Trivial Pursuit. My sister’s boyfriend is the trivia master so if he is playing chances are that he will win. It almost isn’t even fun playing with him. (LOL!) There are questions from different categories so usually everyone has their strong area.

#4. Charades
Charades is a free app game that you can download from the iTunes store or Google Play store for your phone or tablet. This game has brought lots of laughter – so much laughter that I have cried laughing and nearly peed my pants. I don’t think charades needs much explaining but I will say that there are tons of different categories so nobody will be left out!

#5. LCR
A couple of years ago at Mike’s work Christmas party we played LCR and it was a lot of fun. There were around 25 people and each of us started with $3 instead of using the chips that come with. You roll dice and depending on what you roll you pass the dice to the left, right or roll again. One you are out of chips or money you are out.


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