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January 1, 2016

Our Whole30 Adventure Starts

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I'm not a resolution person but on Monday my husband Mike and I are starting Whole30. We have done it a few times and made it more than halfway but then fall off around day 16 to 20. I think we fail because it takes a lot of work and meal prep. After two weeks of cooking three meals a day I get sick of the cooking and planning. We started talking about trying to do another Whole30 in November but knew with the holidays it would be too hard so this has been our plan for over a month now.

If you aren't familiar with Whole30 it is a more strict version of a paleo diet. In a nutshell Whole30 cuts out all dairy, grains and processed sugar. The thing we love about it is that the list of things we can have is cut and dry. We can eat as much as we want and we can eat BACON! We are bacon lovers so that is a plus. If you are interested in learning more the Whole30 website is full of information. The message with Whole30 is that everything from mood, attention span and quality of life is determined by food. The first time we did Whole30 I woke up the second day feeling like I had a hangover and even ended up being sick. My body was so reliant on sugars that I immediately knew I needed the change. Even though we haven't made it through a round of the full Whole30 we have forever changed the way we eat a majority of our meals and make food choices.

To make this round of Whole30 a success for us I have planned out all of our meals for the entire 30 days and I will be doing weekly shopping trips and food prep. This might sound funny but I also bought Rubbermaid containers and paper plates. The dirty dishes from cooking three meals a day for a family of six are enough to make me crazy. I'll be sharing some of our recipes (which are pretty delicious even if you aren't eating healthy or on Whole30!) If eating healthy is your sort of thing then join us in the journey to getting in shape and taking better care of our bodies.

Here is a list of things I suggest if you are going to try Whole30 -

Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom - This book has everything you need to know and is sure to inspire you!

It Starts With Food is another book by the Whole30 creators Dallas and Melissa Hartwig
Spiral Vegetable Slicer to make zoodles. I never knew what zoodles were until Whole30. Zucchini + Noodles = Zoodles

A cute tea infuser - The only three things you can really drink on Whole30 are tea, black coffee and water. My husband loves different teas.

If you are more of a black coffee Whole30 person then you'll appreciate this cup from Alison Kate Design on ETSY.
A good water bottle. I love the double insulated CamelBak water bottles.
Then there is this shirt which you will NEED because you are about to be HANGRY! The tank is from Enjoy Essential on ETSY.

I wish you all luck with any fitness or eating goals you have in 2016! I'll be sharing our Whole30 progress soon. Happy New Year friends!!


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