Poofy Cheeks: Managing Screen Time - #TheStruggleIsReal

December 9, 2015

Managing Screen Time - #TheStruggleIsReal

I don't know about you but kids + technology make my head spin. Lately it has become a daily struggle to balance screen time. Mike and I have argued about it with each other, we have argued about it with the boys ages 6 and 7 and I am constantly looking for a solution that makes everyone happy. What happened to playing outside and coming in when the sun goes down? I send the kids out to play after school but it is never long lived and I am either outside with them or watching from the window. I can't - I just can't. Tell me I'm not the only mom beside herself over balancing screen time? If it isn't the phone or tablet it is the computer or TV.

One of the things I am okay with are video games that get the kids up and moving. One of the games that came out this fall is Just Dance: Disney Party 2 and the boys have had a lot of fun playing it. The game gets them up, moving, laughing and dancing. They think it is screen time but I know it is screen time spent up and moving. They aren't sitting like a big blob on the couch with their eyes crossed staring at a screen. When we opened the game the boys and our niece were excited to see they had tracks from Descendants on it. They stuck the disc in and spent over an hour moving and shaking. There was so much laughter coming from the living room that they had us watching and laughing too. P.S. Have you played it before? Even I work up a sweat after only a few minutes... looks like I need to do a more moving and a little less screen time myself!

The game is available for most gaming consoles (XBOX 360, XBOX One, Wii and Wii U) so if your kids are into Descendants, K.C. Undercover this might be a good Christmas gift! Dancing has been the best medicine for our kids. This game has been a compromise for all of us. The kids get what they like to call screen time and we get them up and active.

How do you manage screen time in your home? Please share!!

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