Poofy Cheeks: DIY Wooden Christmas Trees - BEHR Holiday Giveaway

December 2, 2015

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees - BEHR Holiday Giveaway

This month BEHR put all of their DIY experts up to a challenge! They asked each of the DIY expert bloggers to create an outdoor holiday decoration. I'm always up for a good challenge and pushed myself to try a new tool in creating 3-D wooden Christmas Tree decorations. I told my husband I had to buy a router for blog purposes (I do this a lot) and he was excited for once because it meant he could use it too (unlike most crafting 'crap' he says I buy). The trees turned out great and when it is time to store them away after the holidays they come apart to store flat. This is important since we only have a one car garage as storage.
DIY Wooden Christmas Trees - a great outdoor decoration.

I knew right away that I wanted to create something with Christmas trees for my challenge so I started sketching ideas. I had a few ideas for flat trees on a stand but then thought why couldn't I make it bigger and better by piecing them together? It wouldn't require any extra tools, nails or screws. That is when I made the sketch below. It seemed like a winner so I went with it.

Supplies Needed for DIY Wooden Trees-
  • Pencil
  • Measure Tape
  • Paper (if you create a template)
  • Router
  • Sander
  • BEHR Premium Plus paint
  • Paint brush

I made a paper template and traced two onto a thin piece of board. I made a smaller tree template and traced two of those as well.

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees - a great outdoor decoration.
After tracing the trees I used my new router to cut them out and measure the thin slits I needed to make in order to put the two pieces together for both trees. I cut slits the width of the board halfway up on one and halfway down on the other. You will need to measure and mark your cuts for this step because using a router near the tips of the trees gets tricky. Make sure you wear protective eyewear, use a wood clamp and watch your little fingers.
DIY Wooden Christmas Trees - a great outdoor decoration.
Next I pulled out my hand sander and gave everything a light sanding - especially the edges. The router left them really rough. They would have been splinter trees instead of Christmas tress.
DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

Finally onto the fun part - painting the trees! I pulled out my paint brush and BEHR paints. The lighter green tree was BEHR Premium Plus in Fresh Sprout (PPU9-7) and the darker green tree was a last minute change. I was going to paint both of them the same color but decided they might blend in too much so used Behr Marquee Green Energy (MQ303).

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

I painted one side of each piece and then let them dry before turning them over and painting the other side. When both sides were dry I put the trees together and touched up the edges.

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

Since we don't have a porch but instead just a few steps up to our door the trees are the perfect size. They look festive on the steps and I added a box of poinsettias with a saw. I love the way the saw makes it look like I'm off to cut down a Christmas tree but then I remembered I have four kids and put it back away in the garage. I don't need any fingers being cut off this holiday season.

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

I made the snowflake door hanging last month for Delilah's Frozen birthday party. I changed 'Let it Go' to 'Let it Snow' and will be leaving it up through the holidays too. I painted the snowflake with BEHR Key Largo and used mod podge and glitter for the edges of the snowflake. To add the lettering I used glitter vinyl.

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

For my first project with the router the trees aren't 100% perfect but unless I point out the imperfections nobody else will notice. It is all a learning thing. I know I am really excited for all the projects I have in store! Be on the lookout for some DIY ornaments I am working on with my router and BEHR paint.

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

DIY 3D Wooden Christmas Trees

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Here is what everyone else has created as part of the challenge. There are some super talented ladies that I am honored to be DIYing with.


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