Poofy Cheeks: Christmas Home Tour - Our Christmas Porch

December 7, 2015

Christmas Home Tour - Our Christmas Porch

I have been busy putting the finishing touches on our Christmas decorations this past weekend. I know this sounds funny but decorating was stressful. There were so many DIY projects I wanted to complete and there were points when I felt like I was making a bigger mess rather than pulling everything together. I'm joining over a dozen other bloggers this week as we open our doors and show you our homes all decorated for the holidays. Today I am welcoming you up to our porch while I spend the day taking the last of the pictures indoors. 
I know I have told you all before that our house has an odd layout. We have a two story house with an exposed basement. When you walk in the front door it looks like you are walking into a one story house. The upstairs has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry room and 1 1/2 baths. Downstairs is a master bedroom and bath, living room, office area, man room/kitchen and there is a huge set of sliding glass doors that open out onto a large deck. It sounds strange but it works for us. I am able to keep the upstairs living area looking nice since we spend most of our time downstairs and around the holidays I can get away with two different styles without them clashing. We have our main Christmas Tree and rustic decorations downstairs and this year I am doing colorful and bright decorations upstairs. I feel like the upstairs is still missing something but given another year I will perfect it. These things take time! 
Christmas Porch - Home Tour
Walking up to our house you are given a glimpse of what awaits inside. Reds, coral, bright green and aqua are just a few of the bright colors you will find. I created all the d├ęcor upstairs over the past few weeks in a palette of BEHR paints I chose. I picked six bright untraditional colors I wanted to use. It has been a lot of fun seeing it all come together but frustrating at times since I can't find things to match when I'm out shopping. Have you tried finding Christmas plates in untraditional colors? Impossible!
Christmas Porch - Home Tour
 I will stop teasing you with what's inside and let the pictures of our porch do the talking. I decorated using the 3-D trees I made, some saws from our vintage saw collection, and trimmings from our Christmas tree. I made the Ho Ho Ho sign a few years ago from a scrap of wood and borrowed the large box filled with more tree trimming and poinsettias from my sister-in-law. The snowflake hanging on the door was a Hobby Lobby purchase. It was unfinished wood which I painted, glittered and added vinyl wording to. Since it will never snow where we live it is all wishful thinking.
Christmas Porch - Home Tour

Christmas Porch - Home Tour
Christmas Porch - Home Tour

Christmas Porch - Home Tour

Thanks for stopping by to see my porch. I hope you will come by tomorrow to see the colorful living and dining room! I am really excited to share how fun it turned out. In the meantime stop by and see some of the other bloggers taking part in the home tour this week!


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  1. Kelsey, your big snowflake is adorable!

  2. Your front porch is so cheerful and welcoming! I love the bright colors you used along with the natural green branches.

  3. Kelsey, I love all that you have done!! Your trees are amazing and the colors are fun and comfortable. Love the color pallete and can't wait to see indoors tomorrow!


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