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September 2, 2015

Gold Glam Halloween Pumpkin

It is officially September which means I can post all of the Halloween tutorials I want and not feel one bit guilty! Pumpkin everything is happening here and I must share I have been in full Halloween crafting mode for the past few weeks. Last week I was at Walmart when I came across a center bin full of craft pumpkins. I couldn't resist the temptation so I snagged one and put it in my cart. I knew exactly what I was going to make with it.
A few weeks ago I ran into Hobby Lobby for some fabric and I had to stalk through the isles of fall and winter decorations. I saw the prettiest pumpkin but when I looked at the price it was $40! It was a cream colored pumpkin with gold stripes and black writing that said 'Happy Harvest.' Even with a 40% off coupon I thought the price was too high (yes, I am cheap and I know it). I look at things and think I can make that for way less all the time and that was one of those moments. Then when I saw the white pumpkin in Walmart the light bulb went off and I knew it was meant to be.
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\Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin
When I brought home the pumpkin it looked like this... an ugly colored stem and all white. Nothing a little glitter and vinyl couldn't change.
Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin
Supplies Needed:
Step 1: I started by cutting out the vinyl using my Silhouette. I cut 1.75 inch circles from the metallic gold vinyl and 'happy halloween' from the black glitter vinyl. (I used Berrylicious font).

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin

Step 2: I painted the stem with Mod Podge and then dusted it with black glitter. This instantly changed the entire look of the pumpkin!!

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin
Step 3: Adhere the gold circles to the pumpkin. I slowly applied the circles rubbing the vinyl into any lines of the pumpkin as I went to keep the circles smooth.

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin

Step 4: After I liked the way the polka dots were placed around the pumpkin I used vinyl transfer tape to stick the black glitter vinyl to the middle of the pumpkin.

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin

When we moved last year and had to put our belongings into storage I was forced to purge a bunch of our holiday items. Halloween is my husband's MOST favorite holiday so we were both sad we didn't have a place to decorate last year. I am making lots of Halloween decorations to take the place of the ones we had to get rid of and I'm off and running with a glitzy and glam theme! All of the gold and glitter have me swooning. The price tag on my pumpkin was close to $14 including the black glitter I bought on clearance at Michael's!

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin

Gold Glam Pumpking Craft - Fake Pumpkin
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  1. This is so cute! I can't believe we are making Halloween projects already! Thanks for sharing :o)


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