Poofy Cheeks: Back to School with Project A+

September 2, 2015

Back to School with Project A+

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson. The opinions and text are all mine.

Oh my word I am so happy to be back on a schedule. Like jump up and down, spin all around happy. I spent a lot of the summer trying to squeeze in work and house chores between spending time with my kids. At the end of the day I would feel guilty if I spent more time doing other stuff rather than spending the time with them. Working from home has a lot of ups but it has its downs too because the two oldest boys still haven't totally grasped the whole mommy works from home thing. Some days I don't think my husband has grasped it either but that is a whole other story. Now I am happy to get up early and get the two oldest out the door and off to school. I come back home and tip toe from room to room turning off lights, pick up the pajamas that are thrown across the house make myself a much needed cup of coffee before I hear the two littles wake up yelling 'mommy' from the top of their lungs. Once they are up forget peace and quiet!
Some things that have become easier this past week are:

  1. Grocery shopping with 2 kids instead of 4.
  2. Running any type of errand .
  3. Getting everyone to sleep because by 8:30 they are actually TIRED.
  4. Cleaning or picking up and keeping it that way for longer than 20 minutes.
  5. Defining a work time. Besides for a few busy days here and there I start working as soon as I get up and try to be done by the time the boys get home from school.
  6. Doing anything including going to the bathroom without being interrupted a trillion times. (Now it is just a million times)
  7. Enjoying my kids. Does this seem mean? When I can sit down and do something from start to finish I get so much more accomplished. Once my boys are home from school I have the time to enjoy them rather than try to finish what I started five times. The conversations we have are my favorite.
  8. Enjoying time with my husband! We can watch a movie after the kids have gone to bed, go to lunch together and have a conversation with half as many people interrupting. 
  9. Eating dinner before 9pm!
Oh the little things that add up to mean so much!
Since my boys are spending just as much time at school as they are at home these days I like to take a bit of initiative to help any way I can. I am really hoping to volunteer in their classrooms a few days a month this year and have you heard about Tyson Project A+™ labels? They are on the packaging of many Tyson® products and when you clip the labels and send them in your school can turn them in for cash to buy things they need. I would imagine almost every school out there has something they are trying to come up with funding for. The school my boys go to are trying to get digital devices for every student.
Right now you can sign into your Walmart account and nominate a school to receive $1,000 in Tyson Project A+™ labels! I nominated the boys' school and it took 5 seconds!

Like I said the little things add up to be so much. I think like this - if every parent sent in one label per month imagine out much that would be for the school throughout the year. Now what if they sent in two, or three , or FOUR!? It only takes a few seconds! 

Plus it is a win-win situation when you have a product you purchase to make a family meal and then it comes with a label to earn your child's school money! I used the Tyson® Grilled and Ready® Chicken Breast Strips for an Easy Chicken Taco Bake and it was SO good!

 Have a great Tuesday friends and remember to enjoy your children and do the little things because one day they will add up to be the big things!


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