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August 23, 2015

Master Bedroom Redo Plans

As you can tell there have been lots of room redo projects happening around here! If you are following my Instagram account you have seen glimpses of some of the projects. I completed my office//craft room area last week and now I'm moving on to the master bedroom. I put together an inspiration board with some ideas I have for it and the paint colors I am using.
Since I moved in with Mike in 2006 we have moved nearly a dozen times. When we were dating we moved almost every six months for the first few years. Then we got married and had kids but now we have still moved an average of once every two years. I am hoping we are finally settling in because moving gets old! I really love where we live right now and want to avoid moving for our kids' sake. No matter where we have lived though our room has always been the one where all the unwanted furniture gets put. I would spend so much time on creating a cozy main living area that I never made it to our master bedroom. I would resort to closing the door whenever we had company to hide all the craziness. In our current house there aren't many cosmetic things to change and we have finally acquired furniture we love so there isn't a need to waste money on big ticket items.
Here is the inspiration board for our bedroom-
Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures

The walls are going to be painted in BEHR Penthouse View. I love the greige color of the paint which will go with our gray and yellow bedding. I want to add in gold and copper accents. I have a sunburst mirror already in our room but the mirror needs to be replaced. Our bedframe and dresser are already a dark blue but I need to finish them. I have started a few projects for the bedroom and can't wait to finish.

The budget for our bedroom is $200. Since I already have the furniture I will be putting the money towards lighting, curtains and curtain rods, accent pillows and small d├ęcor items such as frames. If anyone knows how to stretch a small budget I would like to think I do!

Here is the dresser I finished a few months ago. The bed and dresser are painted in the same blue.

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures

Did I mention we are still sharing our room with a little guy? Well we are. Emmett is still in our room although I hope to transition him out soon so we can have a true adult bedroom. Here are some BEFORE pictures...

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures
As you can see I'm not done painting the finials on our Bombay style bed yet. Besides for a few vinyl decals there isn't much more than white walls.

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures

The room is cleared out and I'm ready to start painting so stay tuned for the full reveal in a few weeks!

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board and Before Pictures


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