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May 10, 2015

That Looks Yummly!

Hey have you guys heard of Yummly? It is my new geeky obsession so I figured I needed to tell you about it. I have started using it to help meal plan and find new dinner ideas. It is a site all about food and recipes. I first heard about it over at Pinch of Yum. I follow Lindsay's blog religiously because not only do I love her recipes I drool over her food photography.

At the beginning of 2015 I bought and read Lindsay's ebook Tasty Photography which is all about better food photography and I was blown away by the things I learned. Ever since I read the ebook I have been hanging on every word she writes. She is definitely my blog crush. Don't believe me then look at my photography!

After reading Tasty Photography

Oh yeah back to Yummly. Maybe you have seen these new little buttons around here? Maybe you haven't. Either way this is what they look like-

Come on by and follow Poofy Cheeks on Yummly and start giving Yummly love to all of the great recipes.


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