Poofy Cheeks: My Mom Body and the Thigh Butt

April 10, 2015

My Mom Body and the Thigh Butt

This time of year I always get a little self conscious about my body when I think of wearing shorts or (gasp!) a bathing suit. My thighs are flabby, my butt has given in to gravity, my boobs need more support than they used to and my belly is a patchwork quilt of stretch marks. If you didn’t know me you might even think I was newly pregnant from the permanent pooch I have but alas I am not. I see pictures of the body I had before children and remember how self conscious I was in those days only to long for that body back. Gravity and four kids hadn’t taken their toll on me yet. There were no signs of cellulite dotting the back of my legs and I might not have had the six pack I so badly longed for but I had a flat stomach. I filled my free time by sunbathing and had beautiful sun kissed skin. I was so hard on myself always trying to be thinner, more toned or obsessing over what my body wasn’t instead of what it WAS.

Eight years and four kids later here I am but I no longer long to look like the girls spread across magazine covers. I no longer have time for an unhealthy super model skinny body and I am okay with that. I just want to be healthy and strong. I want to show my daughter that she should always feel comfortable in her own skin. Becoming a mom has taught me that a woman’s body is an amazing thing. Our bodies are more than just our own as they become homes to the tiny babies we bring into this world. Our skin stretches and our bodies change to accommodate lives more precious than our own.


I hate when people use the excuse that they don’t have time because I think that is crap. You will make time for something you want to do. Over the past year since Emmett (my fourth babe) was born I didn’t take the time to get out and be active, I haven’t made the best food decisions and I will be the first to admit I rarely ever drink enough water. I didn’t take the time because I was lazy and I made excuses. The bottom line is that I didn’t want to. With summer quickly approaching I am motived by swimming suits and beaches... oh and thigh butts also knows as a thutt. I read an article about flat butts caused by a sedentary lifestyle and the ‘thutt’ (google it). I’m in the thutt club and the part that bothered me most was not the flat butt but the ‘sedentary lifestyle’ part. I always said I wouldn’t let life get so busy that I would fail to make time for myself and my health. Guess what? I did.

My body has been the home to four babies and I have breastfed each one of them over the course of eight years. My body has expanded and shrunk and my weight has rollercoastered up and down. I won’t ever have the body I once did and every now and then I might mourn over it – which is okay. The only thing I can do is get my butt (literally and figuratively) into shape. I won’t be out running marathons anytime soon and I won’t condemn myself in front of the mirror. I won’t obsess over what I do or don’t have but I will stay positive. I will be a remodel for my kids and show them what living healthy is all about.

I know there are other mommas out there just like me so I just wanted to stop in and keep it real! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, bathing suits and thigh butts!


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