Poofy Cheeks: Start an ETSY Shop - Introduction

March 6, 2015

Start an ETSY Shop - Introduction

Hey guys! The time has finally come! I get so many emails, facebook messages and friends asking about how to start a shop on ETSY or how to improve their sales. I decided it was time to create a series here on the ole' blog-diggity so when I get these questions I can kindly direct them to a wealth of information. When I posted the teaser on facebook a few weeks ago it seemed like lots of people were interested to learn so that excites me. Over the course of the next 4-6 weeks I am going to be sharing the most basic things which will help you start a shop if you have never sold on ETSY before. The topics will include everything from researching the items you want to sell to pricing, making listings and even handling hard situations between buyers.

Today I am just sharing a bit about my story and journey as a seller on ETSY. I have decided to record a few videos throughout this series and although I feel like a total dork doing them I want you to have the most genuine information and experience during this series. If you have any questions AT ALL please leave them in the comments so I can answer them right away or tell you when I will be touching on the subject.

Before I tell my story I want to introduce you to three other ETSY sellers. They will be weighing in on some of the subjects with their experience, opinions and advice.

Please put your hands together for our expert panelists - Sandra of Simple is Pretty Shop, Marissa from Rae Gun and Ben and Nicole of Wild Slice Designs.





I am excited that all of our panelists have different items and sell under different ETSY categories because it gives insight and motivation to all types of sellers!

Now to listen to my own journey through ETSY with my shop Poofy Cheeks Shop you can watch the video I put together below. I am a newbie to the whole vlogging thing so forgive me for any amateur video making mistakes and any weird faces I might make that I never realized I made before.

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  1. Kelsey, great video! I appreciate being a part of the series. I'm looking forward to the next post!


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