Poofy Cheeks: Blog Income and Traffic Report - February 2015

March 3, 2015

Blog Income and Traffic Report - February 2015

Hey friends! I am back again with my third blog income and traffic report. This time around I am sharing my numbers from last month and I am so excited to report significant changes! When I shared my first report in January I was nervous sharing these numbers with everyone but I have had so much positive feedback from them that I am glad I started. I was inspired to start sharing my numbers after seeing similar reports on Pinch of Yum. Lindsay and Bjork share some amazing information for bloggers and Lindsay's food photography e-book Tasty Food Photography has helped me tremendously when it comes to my own photography.

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Last month my favorite posts were -
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Gram's Macaroni Recipe and
10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

WHY I SHARE MY REPORTS: I think it is important to say that the main reason I find it important to share these numbers is so non-bloggers or new bloggers can see that bloggers work super hard on their content but if you broke it down to an hourly wage we don't always make that much. For bloggers these reports are important so we can learn from each others trial and errors. If you don't blog then you might not know that a single blog post can take hours and sometimes more hours than any of us want to admit. First we brainstorm ideas (trying to come up with new ideas is nearly impossible in this Pinterest Age) and then we buy any supplies we need for our craft or recipe, we photograph our final product (after we create or cook it), we edit the photos and then finally we can write the blog post. Writing alone can take around 30-60 minutes. For me a single blog post is usually a process over a week span. I gather all my ideas, buy what I need and then spend one day creating, cooking and taking pictures. Another day I edit the photos and I try to spend time over the next few days after that writing each post. Right now I am working on a series for new ETSY sellers that I have spent countless hours on over the past month! I won't be paid by anyone for content that is not sponsored so the only money I am making is from the ads served to people visiting my blog.

PINTEREST AND BLOGGERS: (Warning I am about to mumble off subject for a minute.) This leads me to something else - Pinterest. 99% of Bloggers can agree that we have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. For a creative blogger it drives tons of traffic to our blogs which equals more ads served to more visitors which equals money made off of ads. That is a huge plus BUT correct me if I am wrong in the following scenario.... You find a recipe from a blog that you found through Pinterest. You make the recipe from the blog and you take it to a party. Everyone goes on and on about how good the recipe is and you say 'I found it on Pinterest.' Have you done this? This is when bloggers hate Pinterest because you didn't get the entire recipe with ingredients and directions on Pinterest -- you got it from a blog. You got the recipe from a blogger who spent lots and lots of time coming up with, possibly testing a recipe and taking the pictures. Now you just gave Pinterest credit for the recipe instead of giving credit to the actual blog. You get my drift? Pinterest is a platform for everyone to share amazing things but without content creators it would be a blank white screen. My mumble turned into sort of a rant so rant over - LOL.

SPONSORED POSTS: I know, I know you are ready to see the numbers already but I just want to explain sponsored posts for a second. I did quite a few sponsored posts this past month because there were a lot of amazing ones that came my way. Since I told you ads are one way for bloggers to make money another is through sponsored posts where brands pay to have you give your honest experience, review or to use their product in your everyday life and share a post about it. Sometimes free product is given in exchange for a post, sometimes product and payment are given and other times just payment. I try to make it a point to only do sponsored posts for brands I regularly use or for products I would purchase even if I were not being compensated. I believe it is important to do things this way because I take pride in not taking on every paid opportunity that comes my way to make a quick buck. That is not what I want my blog to be about!

ADS on POOFY CHEEKS: I mentioned in my last two reports that I was making changes to my blog ads. I am currently working with The Blogger Network and February was my first full month with them. Let me just say working with them was one of the best choices I have made. One of my goals this year was to make more money on ads in one month than my previous top month which was $240. Guess what? I blew $240 out of the water this month with The Blogger Network!

Let's get down to the juicy details - oh but one last note - I think it is safe to say this month has been one of the best in terms of income on Poofy Cheeks!

February 2015 Income: $1446.79
  • Ad Revenue (The Blogger Network) - $441.79
  • Sponsored Posts (Pollinate Media, Clever Girls Collective, CollectiveBias) - $985
  • Contributor Post - $20
February 2015 Expenses: $61.70
  • Sponsored post supplies/ingredients - $55.00
  • Print Fees (when I have my printables printed at Office Depot) - $6.70
FEBRUARY 2015 PROFIT - $1385.09

Income Overview- I am so happy over this number. I will tell you that even though I earned this much from things I did this month I haven't been paid yet. The payments for sponsored posts usually take 20-60 days depending on the company. I have only been paid for one of my February sponsored posts which I did the first week of the month. With The Blogger Network ads they pay twice a month as they get paid by the different companies they're working with. My first payment with them will be in a few days and only be for a few bucks. Bottom line - full time bloggers have to really budget and know how to stretch a buck since payments are sporadic.

Let's look at February's traffic shall we? Pageviews are down a bit from January and considerably lower from December but when I think about how much I made on ads for what seems to be a lower pageview month I am so excited to see what a high traffic month will bring!

My top ten traffic sources for PoofyCheeks.com were ... (oh, and see this is what I mean about love/hate Pinterest)!

The most viewed pages for the month were...

So there you have it friends! Blogging and running my ETSY shop (Poofy Cheeks Shop) are how I make my income. On Thursday I am starting a series called Start A Shop on ETSY and if you have ever thought of starting a shop now is your chance to learn everything you need to know PLUS tips and tricks from myself and other shop owners!

Past Income//Traffic Reports -


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