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Do you know what today is? Today is the day I sit back with my feet up because I finished filing our taxes for FREE with TurboTax (can you say REEEEfund!?) and along the way I was able to relive all of the memories we made in 2014. Really there is a nice story behind our taxes and it goes a little like this…

We started out 2014 as a family of five. My husband worked a job he liked but didn’t love. I was pregnant with our fourth baby. Wyatt, our oldest was in kindergarten learning sight words. Mason was in Pre-K learning letters and how to write his name. Every morning I would drag my big pregnant butt out of bed, get the kids dressed and drive them to school carting Delilah along too. At the time I dreaded it because I am not a morning person but looking back it is a time I cherish.

Around April my husband applied for a new job and in May I gave birth to Emmett. He is such a smiling, happy baby and I can’t imagine our family without him.


The beginning wasn’t easy with Emmett though – he spent the first week in the NICU. There were medical bills and lots of trips back and fourth to the hospital. We went at least once a day if not more and the hospital was about 25 minutes from our house. In the end he came home a healthy baby and has been perfect ever since.


At the end of July we found out Mike got the new job he had applied for! We were all so happy since this was his dream job. He put in his two weeks notice, we packed up our belongings and put them all in storage. Mike had to go to Tallahassee for 8 weeks of job training while the kids and I moved in with my parents for a few months.
The day before Mike left for Tallahassee we bought a new car. Our Jeep only fit 5 and we were now a family of 6. We had been looking for a new car for a few months but of course the day before he left we found the deal of a lifetime and had to jump on it! Now I’m cruisin’ around in my mini-van!

While Mike was away I had to hold things down with the kids. We had annual doctor checkups, dentist appointments and school activities. I was thankful that my parents were around to help out! There were hard times but for the most part I loved every second of living with my parents. The kids are able to have the memory and my dad and Delilah became best buds since they hung out and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse nearly every morning. When we moved we joked that we weren’t sure who was going to miss who more!


Once Mike got back from his training we stayed with my parents a few more weeks before moving. He had two weeks off between training and starting in the field so we used it as time to catch up on family time. We moved into a rental house on Halloween. Since our things were already packed and in storage it literally took part of a day to load everything on a moving truck, drive to our new home and unload.

During our move we dropped off loads of stuff to a local pregnancy crisis center thrift store and seriously purged. We sold nearly all of our furniture besides for our couch and a couple of other pieces. It was great to feel like we had a fresh start and it has been fun thrifting and acquiring new furniture at cheaper prices so I can redo it just the way I want it.


All throughout the year I saved receipts for EVERYTHING. No matter what we bought I shoved the receipts away into gallon size storage bags and labeled ones that I knew I would use for medical, moving or job expenses. It seems crazy but after a few weeks it becomes a habit. A LOT happened for our family this year and most of it was great. Funny how brining home a bundle of joy, getting your dream job, and buying a new car are all things to celebrate and all things you will need for your taxes!


Since Mike had two jobs last year (his old and his new) we got the last W-2 we were waiting for last week and I went straight to the computer and pulled up the Turbo Tax website. We started doing out taxes with Turbo Tax last year. Before using Turbo Tax we had spent years having our taxes done and paying literally hundreds of dollars. Do you know how much we have paid the past two years with Turbo Tax? $0! I don’t know about you – but we work hard for our money so filing our taxes with Absolute Zero through Turbo Tax instead of basically tossing money in the trash for someone who really doesn’t care about my return is a no brainer! I know I will always care about my money more than someone else!

The reason I love using TurboTax is because it gives you the ability to check over all of the categories yourself and do everything right from their website. The program asks you everything (more than any person that has done our taxes before) to get you the biggest refund. Sometimes it is easy to forget something simple that might get you a bigger return because you are caught up in the heat of the moment. Turbo Tax shows you a menu of items and within each category asks you different questions to figure out your personal situation. This year I almost forgot about the sales tax we paid on our car until I went through that section. If you need help along the way they give detailed explanations and even have great customer service (I know because I had to call them once last year). Another great part? When your two year old decides to have a breakdown and your 8 month old is hungry all at the same time you can save things right where you are and come back to it later.
So what does filing with TurboTax Absolute Zero mean? They don’t charge you for any of these…
  • Claim the Earned Income Credit ($2,300 2013 IRS average) $0
  • Cover any Affordable Care Act forms
  • Find possible government benefits up to $2,000
  • Get a head start by importing your W-2 $0
  • Have expert product and audit support $0
  • Also, if you have higher education and student loan information it is also included under TurboTax Absolute Zero! Remember:: TurboTax is the only product that lets people file Federal and State taxes for absolutely NOTHING!

    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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