Poofy Cheeks: February 2014

February 27, 2014

How To Make Gold Text Prints

I have seen so many awesome gold prints on ETSY and Pinterest but they are either more than I am willing to pay or the process to make them is too hard and messy. I took down all of the Valentine decorations around my house and everything was feeling a little bare so I decided to add some pops of gold. I pulled out the gold spray paint but I had two frames that needed something in them. Then the light bulb went off and I knew exactly how to create my own gold text prints the cheap and easy way.

How To: Create cheap and easy gold text prints

February 26, 2014

Keep Electronic Cords Hidden

Do you ever notice yourself living with something that is broken or hideous and even though you know it is a quick and easy fix you avoid the job? The cords under our TV have been starring at me for months now and I have been putting off the job of organizing and hiding them. Maybe I put it off because I didn’t have the right supplies (the supplies that cost me a whopping $5) or maybe because I didn’t want to face the dust bunnies I knew would be waiting for me. Either way today I tackled the job and it took me less than thirty minutes to hide all the cords that were spewing out from underneath the television dresser.

HOW TO: Easily keep electronic cords out of sight with two very inexpensive supplies

Last August we got rid of our cable and right before Christmas we replaced our TV. (The ledge with the jars is even with our kitchen cabinets on the other side and my husband put something on top of the cabinets hitting a jar which fell and broke the screen on our TV! It wasn’t a cheap accident!) So literally FOR MONTHS I have had those pesky cords stare at me every time I sit on my couch.'
I guess the thing that finally motivated me to organize the cords was the fact that Delilah is in that exploring stage where she gets into anything and everything. I have been doing a lot of baby proofing and picking up loose cords seemed logical!

HOW TO: Easily keep electronic cords out of sight with two very inexpensive supplies

In order to organize and hide the cords you will need zip ties and small command hooks. Depending on what you use as an entertainment center and how many electronic devices you have you might have to be creative! My husband is a gamer so we have a TV, Playstation and an XBOX. He also has a controller charger and headphones. Not to mention we used to have cable and internet hooked up over here too – CORD OVERLOAD!
  • The first thing you need to do is ease your entertainment center slowly away from the wall. Make sure to do this slowly incase something has a short cord and becomes unplugged or falls.
  • Then start unwrapping and sorting through the cords. I was able to get rid of quite a few cords that were no longer connected to anything and consolidate everything we have from two power strips down to one.
  • Use zip ties to keep cords for each device together making one thick cord. I placed my zip ties about every 6-8 inches. Since we have multiple cords for each gaming system I zip tied them separately.
  • In order to keep the cords from being seen attach small command hooks near the top of your entertainment center to hang the newly zip tied cords to so they can not be seen once you push the entertainment center back against the wall.

HOW TO: Easily keep electronic cords out of sight with two very inexpensive supplies

HOW TO: Easily keep electronic cords out of sight with two very inexpensive supplies

I was able to get rid of ALL of these cords plus about one pound of dust and crumbs. GROSS!

HOW TO: Easily keep electronic cords out of sight with two very inexpensive supplies

Now I can sit on my couch and not have to see the ugly cords poking out from underneath, I don’t have to worry about Delilah grabbing or pulling them and I can easily clean underneath! It is a total win-win for $5 and 30 minutes!

DIY - Hide the cords to all of your electronics without using any tools


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February 25, 2014

Craft Closet Storage Reveal

Last month I put pictures of my craft closet on Instagram. The closet had been taken over by the crazy holiday rush in the Poofy Cheeks Shop and I had been shoving random supplies into it and closing the doors to hide the mess. I posted pictures of the before and after organization but thought it might be helpful to others if I shared some of the ways I keep supplies organized. Besides for the months of November and December when I barely have time to take a shower or feed myself because of how busy my little online shop is, this closet stays pretty organized!

Today I am over at Craft Storage Ideas sharing how I organize my craft room so I thought today would also be the perfect opportunity to reveal my craft CLOSET!

Craft Closet Organization and Reveal

February 24, 2014

Olive Garden Copycat Five Cheese Ziti Recipe

My favorite meal at Olive Garden is their five cheese ziti. With a family of five we don’t eat out very often but when we do go to Olive Garden that is what I always order. After eating their salad and breadsticks I can rarely eat a quarter of the ziti they bring out and end up taking it as leftovers. After reading that the sauce they use is a combination of alfredo and marinara with a bunch of cheese mixed in (of course there is cheese!) I decided to try making my own version at home for a fraction of the cost.

Copycat Five Cheese Ziti - an easy recipe and a fraction of the cost

February 21, 2014

Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable

To go along with the printable tooth deposit forms I shared I also created tooth deposit receipts for the tooth fairy to leave when she takes teeth. The free printables come in a set with boy colors or girl colors. When the tooth fairy took Wyatt’s first two teeth last night she left a receipt inside an envelope with her official seal stamped on it. When Wyatt woke up this morning he found the deposit form had been replaced with an envelope that held his money, receipt and a bit of glitter.

Official Tooth Fairy Deposit Receipt Printable

Official Tooth Deposit Form Printable for the Tooth Fairy

Our oldest lost his first two teeth yesterday and has another one loose enough that it will probably be gone by the end of today. For years I have seen cute tooth fairy ideas and pinned them or admired them knowing one day I would want to do something cute when my kids started to loose teeth. Then the day comes and there I am completely unprepared – there was no time to order any of the cute pillows I had seen on ETSY and I couldn’t find any printables that were exactly like what I had in mind. I got to work and whipped up an official tooth deposit form and a cute little personalized pouch for Wyatt to fill out and put under his pillow last night.

Official Tooth Deposit Form Printable - Fill out for the tooth fairy

February 19, 2014

Instagram First Birthday Banner

Right before I got pregnant with Delilah I developed this wild obsession for Instagram and if you have followed the blog for a while you know I documented my pregnancy with Instagram pictures. It didn’t come as a surprise that after I had her my feed would often have pictures of her in it. When it came time to throw her first birthday party I knew I wanted to make some sort of decoration out of all those pictures.

Instagram Photo Birthday Banner - A picture for each month leading up to babies first birthday

February 18, 2014

DIY Craft Booth Mannequin Head Prop

Since Spring is craft fair season (at least around here) I am sharing a tutorial on how to make a cheap and easy mannequin head to help display hair accessories. This mannequin head prop cost me around $5 to make and makes a big impact on a table full of lovely accessories. The head also adds height to your display. To be honest this would also be a great headband holder for a little girl with lots of headbands!

DIY Mannequin Head Prop - great for displaying headbands at a craft fair

February 14, 2014

4 Ingredient Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

Last Thursday my sister and I went to Orlando for a #meetandmake hosted by Sarah Hearts. We had a lot of fun – we stopped at the mall beforehand and then went over to the West Elm where the Meet and Make was being held. Sarah put together an awesome event where we all got to make our own mixed media canvas with awesome swag bags and sweets provided. But hey - let’s talk about the ‘sweets’ part a little more…I had never had anything red velvet before attending the Meet and Make. Sarah had the most delicious red velvet shortbread cookies and red velvet cupcakes there. I was in pregnant can’t-get-enough-sweets heaven! Guess what!? Red velvet is so yummy!

Fast forward to this week when I was low on time and energy and needed something to give the boys’ teachers for Valentine’s Day. My mind raced right back to red velvet world and I decided to try making cookies from a red velvet cake mix the same way I make my lemon cake mix cookies.

4 Ingredient Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

February 13, 2014

Boy Valentine - Printable Super Hero Cape Pencils

This year I was a little last minute on getting the boys’ Valentine’s Day cards put together. We have had pencils bought for a few weeks but I wasn’t sure what we were going to put on them. Since the boys are really into superhero stuff right now I decided to use some of the printables I made for Wyatt’s birthday to make superhero pencil capes!

Boy Valentine Printable: Superhero Pencil Capes

February 12, 2014

Quick No-Refrigerate Soft Sugar Cookies

If you are craving a super soft sugar cookie I am sharing my favorite recipe today. This sugar cookie dough whips up in about ten minutes and they make the perfect treat when you don’t want to spend time waiting for dough to refrigerate or rolling it out and cutting shapes. Unless we are doing Christmas shaped cookies this is my go-to recipe!

Super Soft Sugar Cookies - Quick and Yummy

Fabric Flower Tutorial

I am gearing up to host my first craftHERnoon and I will be showing the group how to make burlap wreaths that we will embellish with fabric flowers for Spring. Since I have been trying to make a few different flowers up for the ladies to choose from I decided to share the tutorials here on the blog too. I love making fabric flowers because they help me use up fabric scraps and are perfect for so many projects. You can embellish handmade cards, make headbands and do just about anything you imagine with them! The best part about these particular flowers is that they take little skill and about five minutes to make! I am going to show you how to use one tutorial to make a raw edge flower and a folded edge flower.

How to Make Fabric Flowers - One Tutorial for Two Flowers

February 10, 2014

Breakfast on the Go–Jimmy Dean Redbox breakfasts

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jimmy Dean, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RedboxBreakfast http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.

My family knows that I cook breakfast on the weekend but during the week they don’t get many choices besides cereal or something that can quickly be heated in the toaster. Cut up fruit is about as fancy as I get and I usually cut it up the night before. Our weekday mornings are hectic and I can’t begin to drag myself out of bed before the sun to cook gourmet meals. A few weeks ago I picked up some Jimmy Dean Redbox breakfast sandwiches and I was blown away at how quick and delicious they were! For some reason I am always skeptical of frozen and canned foods because I feel like they are hit or miss – these are a hit and they fit the weekday breakfast bill!

Breakfast on the go - Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfast

February 8, 2014

About More Than a Hair Cut

Last Friday I went for a haircut and I don’t mean a trim. I had them take at least ten inches off and I feel like a totally different person! I asked the lady for an asymmetrical bob and although I wish it were a little longer in the front I am in love with it. I can’t complain – I am cheap and went to the local Fantastic Sams where they charged $30 for a cut and style. I wouldn’t have even had them style it but the lady said she would need to style it to make sure the cut was right (well then by all means style it honey).
Being a mom this haircut was more than just a trip to the salon for me – it was about re-identifying myself. Sometimes I feel like as moms we give 110% of ourselves to our families and forget to take time for ourselves. Before we know it we aren’t the happy, carefree moms we want to be anymore. Here we are just trapped in a body which is trapped in a daily routine that involves taking care of everyone else's needs and wants and putting our own needs and wants on the back burner. We don’t even recognize the person in the mirror anymore. At least for me I feel like once I had more kids and especially after I started working from home I gradually stopped doing things alone or for myself. From stopping into Starbucks, to doing my hair and makeup  to going to the bathroom I was and am NEVER alone. I always have a little person or two… or three… that are at my heels.

February 7, 2014

Fruits and Vegetables in Season During February

I’m sharing a list of fruits and vegetables in season during the month of February. As you make your grocery lists this month remember that by shopping the in season produce you can often get it at the best prices (not to mention this is when it tastes the best). My family is excited about in-season asparagus, sweet potatoes and clementine but there are a lot of other good ones on the list this month too!

Fruits and Vegetables in season during February

February 6, 2014

Pineapple Walnut Cool Whip Salad

I fondly remember all of the different salads my grandma used to make and my favorite was frog eyed salad (no worries – no frogs hurt in the making and for the sake of my kids eating it we now call it pineapple walnut salad). When we would spend the summer weekends with her in Wisconsin she was always serving one or two of her salads with dinner. By salad I am not referring to the leafy green type – I am referring to the jello, pudding, marshmallow type salads of her time. Have you ever flipped through a church recipe book and it is filled with different salad recipes but none of them have lettuce or a single vegetable in them at all? That is what I am talking about.

Pineapple Walnut Cool Whip Salad

February 4, 2014

Crock Pot Recipe: Chicken Fajita Chowder

Crock pot meals are my favorite but sometimes I feel like a lot of the recipes for my crock pot are pretty similar. I am sharing a recipe to help mix things up! This recipe is for Crock Pot Chicken Fajita Chowder and it is so yummy! When I come back home to the dreamy smell of fajita chowder simmering away I am so excited to be able to serve such an easy, hearty and delicious meal to my family.

Crock Pot Recipe: Chicken Fajita Chowder

February 3, 2014

Time to Talk Florida Grass and Weeds

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts Turf Builder for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know you're probably sitting there rolling your eyes because it is February 3rd and I want to talk about weeds growing in a lawn you could care less about right now. Well here in Florida the weather is sporadic and although it has been in the thirties most of the week the forecast is showing temps will be back up in the 80s by next week. I'm sure by the end of February Floridians will be working in their yards at full force. My yard like many others in my area is ridden with all types of weeds after beign neglected during the winter months, so when I was asked to try a new Scotts Turf Builder in my lawn I jumped at the opportunity.

This is what my lawn looks like as of today - a big mess of weeds! I think the overgrown lot next to us is partially to blame. I'll be adding Scotts Bonus S to my lawn soon and I can't wait to share the results over the next few months. If you are wondering what I plan to do this afternoon - I will be weeding flower beds before it hits the 80s!



This was how healthy our yard looked last summer and I can only hope we can get back to that!


  • It’s the most effective Bonus S formula ever that’s guaranteed to clear out listed weeds including dollarweed and clover.
  • It controls 82% more types of weeds.
  • Now safe for more major southern grass types including St. Augustine grass (including Floratam), bermuda grass(new), centipede grass, zoysia grass, seashore paspalum(new) and buffalograss(new).
  • Available at major retailers in the Jacksonville & Ft. Myers area
 photo 74e4e177-b624-4a34-a9f8-d350e82554f1_zps817e35b6.jpg


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February 2, 2014

10 Last Minute Big Game Recipe Ideas

Are you still wondering what you are going to make for tonight’s big game? I’ll be honest – I am not into sports but I sure do love the food that goes along with Super Bowl parties! The commercials just make watching the actual game bearable for me. If you are still up in the air about what dish to take to a party or to serve in your home here are 12 Last Minute Game Day Recipes to help you out!


Click on the links below to be taken to the recipes!

  1. 4 Ingredient Crock-Pot BBQ Chicken 
  2. Loaded Baked Potato Soup
  3. Banana Split Pie
  4. Ranch French Onion Dip
  5. Veggie Pizza
  6. Easy Hot Wing Sauce
  7. Whipped Pineapple Angel Food Fluff Trifle
  8. Baked Cheddar Bacon Jalapeno Poppers
  9. Momma’s Chili
  10. Ice-Cream Sandwich Cake
  11. One Pot Jambalaya
  12. Easy Bruschetta Dip


So do you watch the game to watch it, go to the parties for the food or just scan the commercials for a good laugh? No matter what have an awesome Sunday!


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