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October 12, 2014

Saving Green with Savings Catcher

I shopped savvy using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Crowdtap #WMTSavingsCatcher.

Hey mommas! Uh I hate to say this but Christmas really isn't too far off. Please don't start throwing tomatoes my way... I know it isn't even Halloween yet. Seriously when I step foot in stores and see all of the Christmas crafts and decorations I sort of want to run back out, get in my car and drive far, far away. I don't ever start buying gifts much before Black Friday (I probably should but who has time for that? Oh, forget time... who has MONEY for that?). With all that being said I do start TRYING to save money back for Christmas around this time of year... HA....  is that even possible when there are Halloween costumes to buy, Thanksgiving dinner to worry about and oh yeah- the kids have a school book fair next week.

To save money I try to save every cent that I can and lately I have downloaded a lot of coupon and savings apps to my phone so I can look them over when I get a free second. Sitting down to cut coupons and plan my grocery trip used to be a whole day affair but now I can try to do it little by little while I wait in the doctor's office, wait in the school pick up line or while the kids are quietly watching a cartoon. I usually do one big Walmart shopping trip every two weeks so I recently downloaded the Walmart Savings Catcher app. Thanks to Crowdtap I was given an inside look at how Walmart Savings Catcher works, the things you can earn money back on, the way it compares prices with competitors and how to double your savings.

I feel like Walmart usually has the best prices but with this app if a local competitor is offering an even lower price Walmart will give you back the difference! All you do is go shopping like you normally would and after you get your receipt you use the app to scan the bar code at the bottom. The app scans all the local competitor prices and then notifies you if it catches any savings. The very first receipt I scanned processed for a couple days but I ended up getting $.68 back because the coffee creamer I bought was cheaper at Publix.

If you don't like using apps or your phone doesn't support them then you can still use Savings Catcher online! I am going to let my savings accumulate and use it towards Christmas shopping.

To make the savings even better you can get an American Express Bluebird card to load your savings onto and they will double the savings. The Bluebird card is free when you load $1 or more onto it so I picked one up this morning and gave the cashier $1 to load onto it. Now my $0.68 savings from one receipt has already turned into $1.36!

Have you tried Walmart Savings Catcher yet? You should.... Christmas is coming! You know little ole' me will be here saving up any way I can including using #WMTSavingsCatcher!


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  1. I have over $20 on my Walmart Savings Catcher! Love it!


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