Road Trip Printable Games and Activities

Last Thursday my two oldest boys left with their grandparents, aunt and cousin to embark on their very first road trip. They traveled from Florida to North Carolina to spend the week at a cabin in the mountains. I remember taking lots of road trips from Illinois to Florida growing up and put together a printable book of activities and games to keep them busy. The license plate search and alphabet search game were always my favorite! The road trip printables can be found at the bottom of this post and include a license plate search, road trip bingo, design a truck page, road trip mad lib and a few other fun pages. These are prefect for young kids and tweens.

I must admit I was a little sad that they didn’t get to take their first road trip with Mike and I because I have so many good road trip memories of my own. I also must admit I was super glad to send them off for a week so I could try to find a balance with our newborn and slightly jealous 19 month old daughter Delilah. I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done while the boys were gone and I don’t think I even scratched the surface but I did get in lots of snuggle time!

Road Trip Printable - activity sheets and games for kids

Road Trip Printable - activity sheets and games for kids
Road Trip Printable - activity sheets and games for kids
To avoid giving the kids (ages 5, 6 and 9) a bunch of loose pages for their trip I printed them, cut them down to size and then secured them together by punching a hole and using a binder ring. I found a six pack of binder rings at Target for less than $2. A lot of people on Instagram also suggested putting the sheets in page protectors and using a dry erase marker so the pages could be reused. Great idea!!

To make it easier to write I also bought small clipboards at Walmart for a few bucks and used vinyl to put each child’s name on the back. This way there is no fighting over books and clipboards! I have learned that there is nothing worse than having kids fight and argue in the confined area of a car during a long trip!

Road Trip Printable - activity sheets and games for kids

Here are the printables – as always these are for personal use only. You may not sell, reproduce or claim any of the designs as your own.


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  1. Stopping by from the Creative Collection Link Up. Super cute printable: so fun 😀 If you would like to, I would LOVE for you to share it with my "Free Printables" Google Plus Community!

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