Cuisinart Baby Food Maker + Giveaway!

Have you ever thought about what sort of things they have to put in baby food to keep it from spoiling while it sits on the shelf just waiting for you to buy it and feed it to your little babe? Think about bananas – you cut a fresh banana up and come back five minutes later to see it has already started to turn brown and mushy. What are they putting in jars of baby food bananas because they aren’t brown when I see them in the jar!? It was thoughts like those that convinced me to start making my own baby food. I was thrilled when I had the chance to try out the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker. I cook dinner almost every night so making baby food from the same vegetables and fruits we eat makes it simple to feed my babies fresh baby food without the unnecessary preservatives, sugar and salt. The Cuisinart Baby Food Maker steams and chops so I was eager to try it out with sweet potatoes which tend to take longer to cook. I followed the instructions in the booklet that is included with the baby food maker and added 1 sweet potato cut into one inch pieces into the bowl and 225mL of water into the steaming reservoir. I turned the button to steam and it steamed the potatoes for 25 minutes making them nice and mushy. I pulsed them a few times and then pureed them with the ‘chop’ feature. They came out smooth and perfectly pureed just like the baby food found at stores (but without all the junk!). I feel so much better knowing exactly what I will be feeding my little guy and that it will be the freshest food possible. Cuisinart Baby Food Maker + Giveaway Cuisinart Baby Food Maker + Giveaway The other thing I love about the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker is that you can use it well before the baby food stages. The steaming reservoir doubles as a bottle warmer. I breastfeed and typically store my milk in the freezer for times when I need to leave Emmett with family or my husband. It can take a while to thaw and warm the milk up and if you have a baby that is hungry he wants his milk NOW! With the bottle warmer feature I pull out the milk and let it thaw ahead of time. When Emmett is ready for his bottle you pop it in the steaming reservoir with the suggested amount of water and it is warmed to the perfect temperature in mere minutes. This process goes a lot quicker than sitting the milk in the sink and letting warm water run over it! Cuisinart Baby Food Maker + Giveaway CUSINART BABY FOOD MAKER GIVEAWAY! Hey mommas! Here is how to enter the giveaway – stop by the Cusinart Site and take a look at their healthy and easy baby food recipes. Come back and comment letting me know which one you are excited to make for your babe! It is that easy! One winner will be choosen July 21st and contacted via email. Please make sure you don’t comment as anonymous or I won’t have an email to contact you at. This post is sponsored by Cuisinart but the love for their baby food maker is my own.

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26 thoughts on “Cuisinart Baby Food Maker + Giveaway!

  1. The veggie rice cereal recipe looks delicious. I made all my food in my ninja for my first baby. I would love a cuisinart for my baby to be. I am due at the end of the year 😉 Either way I will definitely try the recipes out.
    Thanks for the chance…

  2. Our daughter is just starting solids so this would be perfect for us! I'd love to try their "very veggie" recipe for her.

  3. Nice post about baby food.I would love to incorporate the baby fish recipe for my little one using this amazing multitasker to make him eat all the healthy food he can get! Thanks.

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