Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Tea Towel

Mother’s Day is in 10 days – have you thought about what you will give your mom? I love receiving simple handmade gifts from my kids on Mother’s Day! For my first Mother’s Day my husband made a garden rock with his and our son’s handprint and painted Happy Mother’s Day across it. So simple yet I still have the rock and cherish it. Usually I am last minute coming up with gifts for my mom and my husband’s mom but not this year! I had picked up some tea towels at Target a while back and had intended to do something crafty with them so as I was thinking of gift ideas for our moms the handprint tea towels idea popped into my head!

Mother's Day Handprint Tea Towel

Mother's Day Handprint Tea Towel

Supplies Needed:

  • Martha Stewart Paints
  • Martha Stewart Fabric Medium
  • Tea Towels
  • Popsicle stick (or something to mix the fabric medium and paint together)
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Paintbrush
  • Iron

Mother's Day Handprint Tea Towel


  • To make your handprint tea towels start by unfolding the tea towel and putting a piece of stiff cardboard underneath to eliminate the chance of paint soaking through.
  • Then mix the paint you want to use for the flowers with the fabric medium. (The medium keeps the paint from being stiff once dried). **My kids get overly excited about getting paint on their hands so I mixed our paint colors on separate paper plates and kept it out of reach until it was time for each child do their handprint. Do the handprints one kid at a time helping out where needed based on their ages.
  • Once the handprints are finished paint on the flower stems and names with a paintbrush.
  • Allow paint to dry for 24 hours then using an iron on the highest heat setting with no steam set the paint so the towels are laundry safe. I put my towel painted side up with another crappy towel I had over the top so I didn’t melt the paint onto my iron. Hold the iron with firm pressure over a painted area for 10 seconds and continue until you have set all painted areas.

Mother's Day Handprint Tea Towel


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