Poofy Cheeks: Our Yard - A Weed Free Work in Progress

April 10, 2014

Our Yard - A Weed Free Work in Progress

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts Turf Builder for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As Winter ended and Spring came I was fed up with all of the weeds that had taken over our lawn. It seemed like over night the weeds moved in and the grass moved out leaving us with an ugly yard. Since most of our neighbors have pristine lawns (granted they are older and retired with grown kids) I didn’t want to be the ones in the neighborhood with that lawn. At the end of February we put Scotts Turf Builder down on the lawn and now after almost six weeks there is an extremely noticeable difference.

Scotts Bonus S came out with a new and improved formula specifically for Florida lawns. It is available in the Jacksonville and Ft. Myers areas. The formula is guaranteed to clear out dollar weed and clover. Our biggest problem was the clover and as you can see below the clover is gone now!

Florida Lawn after using Scotts Bonus S

Maybe you are thinking what my husband thinks – ummm… the yard looks worse now than before. Before we go on let me remind you - there are NO weeds my friends! The past week I have been raking out the dead weeds and preparing the yard for grass seed. Since I am pregnant and yard work tires me out quickly I work in sections. It might take me a week or so but I can’t wait to start seeing the grass fill in where the weeds once were.

Florida Lawn after using Scotts Bonus S

My dad was so impressed that he went out and bought the Scotts Bonus S for his own lawn. He has used their older formula but commented that it never worked near as good as the new formula has seemed to work in my yard.

Florida Lawn after using Scotts Bonus S


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