Time to Talk Florida Grass and Weeds

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I know you’re probably sitting there rolling your eyes because it is February 3rd and I want to talk about weeds growing in a lawn you could care less about right now. Well here in Florida the weather is sporadic and although it has been in the thirties most of the week the forecast is showing temps will be back up in the 80s by next week. I’m sure by the end of February Floridians will be working in their yards at full force. My yard like many others in my area is ridden with all types of weeds after beign neglected during the winter months, so when I was asked to try a new Scotts Turf Builder in my lawn I jumped at the opportunity.

This is what my lawn looks like as of today – a big mess of weeds! I think the overgrown lot next to us is partially to blame. I’ll be adding Scotts Bonus S to my lawn soon and I can’t wait to share the results over the next few months. If you are wondering what I plan to do this afternoon – I will be weeding flower beds before it hits the 80s!



This was how healthy our yard looked last summer and I can only hope we can get back to that!


  • It’s the most effective Bonus S formula ever that’s guaranteed to clear out listed weeds including dollarweed and clover.
  • It controls 82% more types of weeds.
  • Now safe for more major southern grass types including St. Augustine grass (including Floratam), bermuda grass(new), centipede grass, zoysia grass, seashore paspalum(new) and buffalograss(new).
  • Available at major retailers in the Jacksonville & Ft. Myers area

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One thought on “Time to Talk Florida Grass and Weeds

  1. When I bought my house it had been empty during a drought summer. I took the opportunity to reduce the grass by 3/4. There is a tiny bit in front and more in the back by the patio. I still think it is too much, but with a kid now it makes sense for her to have a place to play. 95% of the rest of the backyard are drought resistant plants, mulch and fruit trees. We use the grass clipping for mulch in the veggie garden.
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