Poofy Cheeks: Breakfast on the Go–Jimmy Dean Redbox breakfasts

February 10, 2014

Breakfast on the Go–Jimmy Dean Redbox breakfasts

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My family knows that I cook breakfast on the weekend but during the week they don’t get many choices besides cereal or something that can quickly be heated in the toaster. Cut up fruit is about as fancy as I get and I usually cut it up the night before. Our weekday mornings are hectic and I can’t begin to drag myself out of bed before the sun to cook gourmet meals. A few weeks ago I picked up some Jimmy Dean Redbox breakfast sandwiches and I was blown away at how quick and delicious they were! For some reason I am always skeptical of frozen and canned foods because I feel like they are hit or miss – these are a hit and they fit the weekday breakfast bill!

Breakfast on the go - Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfast

My husband gets up between 4:30 and 5am so most of the time he tries to get in as much sleep as he can before he has to be out the door skipping breakfast all together. He ends up stopping for fast food or picking up something at a gas station which isn’t healthy or budget friendly. In order to get him to eat before he leaves the house I have to have something good enough to compel him to wake up a few minutes sooner and eat at home. I am excited to say that these did the trick! Mike had actually eaten these before and was excited when I told him they were in the freezer. He heated his up (which takes about 3-4 minutes) and ate it in the  car.

Breakfast on the go - Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfast

Then there are the boys – Mason has to be dressed, fed and to school around 8:15 but no later than 8:30. When Mason saw the sandwiches he turned up his nose and wanted cereal – seriously kid? Wyatt’s drop off time is between 8:30-8:40 and if he is on time the school serves free breakfast. Wyatt on the other hand asked to eat a sandwich instead of eating the breakfast they serve at school. Luckily the next day Mason came over to the dark side and wanted a sandwich too. We were running very late (you know the deal – one child has a dirty diaper as you’re about to walk out the door and the other is having a melt down about brushing his teeth) so I was able to heat up the sandwiches and they ate them on the drive to school.

Breakfast on the go - Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfast

After Delilah and I would get home from dropping off the boys at school we ate a sandwich too. At first I just gave her fruit but she wanted what I had (of course) and then was shoveling it in.

Breakfast on the go - Jimmy Dean Redbox Breakfast

What easy breakfasts do you serve when you have to get everyone out the door in a hurry? I know after my kids asked for more I headed to Walmart and purchased another box of Jimmy Dean Redbox sandwiches!


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