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February 8, 2014

About More Than a Hair Cut

Last Friday I went for a haircut and I don’t mean a trim. I had them take at least ten inches off and I feel like a totally different person! I asked the lady for an asymmetrical bob and although I wish it were a little longer in the front I am in love with it. I can’t complain – I am cheap and went to the local Fantastic Sams where they charged $30 for a cut and style. I wouldn’t have even had them style it but the lady said she would need to style it to make sure the cut was right (well then by all means style it honey).
Being a mom this haircut was more than just a trip to the salon for me – it was about re-identifying myself. Sometimes I feel like as moms we give 110% of ourselves to our families and forget to take time for ourselves. Before we know it we aren’t the happy, carefree moms we want to be anymore. Here we are just trapped in a body which is trapped in a daily routine that involves taking care of everyone else's needs and wants and putting our own needs and wants on the back burner. We don’t even recognize the person in the mirror anymore. At least for me I feel like once I had more kids and especially after I started working from home I gradually stopped doing things alone or for myself. From stopping into Starbucks, to doing my hair and makeup  to going to the bathroom I was and am NEVER alone. I always have a little person or two… or three… that are at my heels.
As I ride the emotional hormonal pregnancy roller coaster I sat at home last Friday while my husband was doing a side job for a little extra money thinking to myself that I can’t live this way anymore. Nobody is going to fly into my life and put a pile of money on my lap to hire a nanny, hire a maid or change the fact that I have let myself go unnoticed behind my kids and husband. I decided I needed a change and it was going to start with a drastic hair cut. I know it might sound a little crazy but it was almost as if I was rebranding myself – I am no longer going to let myself be the mom that doesn’t have time to do her hair as she rushes the kids to school looking a bit like a slob. I will no longer talk myself out of doing something for ME because my husband might have to watch the kids for a few hours. I will no longer be the one who takes on more than she can handle so others can do less. I WILL be the mom who adds more structure to bedtime, bath time and morning routines. I WILL be the mom who is a bad guy because she makes her kids eat dinner in their rooms when they can’t finish cleaning it in a timely manner. I WILL do what it takes to be a happy and healthy mom and I will do it all for myself.
In no way am I saying go out and chop all of your hair off – but I hope that this post inspires at least one mom to do something for herself. As moms there is this unspoken code of understanding and weather you work in the home or outside of the home we are all fighting a similar battle of not giving ourselves the credit we deserve or taking the time we need to be the best moms that we can.

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  1. That is a darling hair cut! I see your eyes now and that gorgeous smile!

  2. I am on the same page with you! I decided 2014 would be my year. I made an appointment for myself last weekend. I got my hair cut and added streaks of wild color. I have always wanted to do something like that but it's never the "right" time. I have also finally decided that I am important enough to get some new in style clothes that fit. I haven't gone shopping for me since have kids. (5 years) So go you mama. You deserve your attention too.

    1. Go girl! Me too!! I was either getting a drastic hair cut or adding some crazy color to it.

  3. You look adorable! I just chopped all my hair too and it's soooo much easier to get myself looking presentable than before when I ended up with a bun on top of my head.... every. single. day! Thanks for the reminder to take time for ourselves. It really is SO important. Especially for work at home moms like us! xoxo Mallory

    1. Thanks Mal! I saw your haircut but I really love it in that picture you put on instagram from ALT last night!

  4. I love your hair cut, I think you have motivated me to get my hair cut. I turned 40 last week and now I am feeling very frumpy...

  5. Happy Birthday Margaret! 40 is the new 30! :)

  6. It looks great! I need to remember this and at least make time to get my bangs trimmed. It's so hard to take time for yourself!

  7. I love the new cut. And you have inspired me to take time for myself and take control in general. Thank you!


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