Simple Sparkling Raspberry Mocktail

This year I won’t be ringing in the New Year with a flute of champagne because I’m preggers but I have the perfect mocktail that I honestly enjoy drinking more than any glass of champagne anyway! Since this is baby number four I am no stranger to sparkling grape juice around the holidays – I should literally take stock in it because I have gone through a dozen bottles the past few weeks. Pair the grape juice with a few other ingredients and you have an elegant non alcoholic drink on your hands! Sparkling Raspberry Mocktail

One part that makes this drink pretty and tasty are the ice cubes. If I don’t make the more than a day in advance I make them in the morning or early afternoon so that by evening they are definitely ready. Sparkling Raspberry Mocktail INGREDIENTS:

  • Frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate
  • 3 cups cold water
  • Frozen raspberries (or fresh work too)
  • Sparkling white grape juice


  • In a small pitcher mix frozen lemonade concentrate and three cups of water.
  • For ice-cubes sprinkle raspberries into an ice cube tray and then slowly pour the raspberry lemonade mix over them. Set the remaining drink mix aside until later. **(If you are using deep ice cube trays I recommend only filling 1/2 way high so they will fit in champagne flutes).
  • When ready to serve add ice cubes to each glass and pour about one tablespoon of the raspberry lemonade in the bottom of each glass.
  • Top off the glass with sparkling grape juice and toast!

**If you don’t have enough time to make the ice cubes just sprinkle in frozen raspberries and add a bit more of the lemonade mix to the bottom of the glass instead! Sparkling Raspberry Mocktail Sparkling Raspberry Mocktail I wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I picked up my first cast iron skillet and some filet mignons to have a small celebration here at home with my family. As I mentioned the kiddos will be entertained with countdown balloons!Enjoy,
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