Poofy Cheeks: Our Hideous Kitchen: I Painted the Oven Drawer

July 18, 2013

Our Hideous Kitchen: I Painted the Oven Drawer

I am a little embarrassed to even share these pictures. We rent our house. Our kitchen is hideous in so many ways! When we were looking for houses to rent we were on a serious time crunch. Last summer our previous landlords told us that we had 30 days to move out because their daughter was moving to Florida and wanted to live in the house we were currently renting. Gee thanks! I was pregnant and since they told us in the middle of June we wanted to be moved before the first of July so we wouldn’t have to pay them another months rent – yeah we were a little irritated about the whole thing!
We looked at numerous houses and I would be lying if I thought we might not find a place in time. I cried a few times. Did I mention I was pregnant? One house was the size of a cracker jack box and they wanted more than we were willing to pay, another reeked of smoke, another smelled like a heard of dogs and the list went on. Finally my husband saw a listing for a home on craigslist and it had an address but no pictures. We were desperate and it was in a nice neighborhood so he called the number but the lady at the real estate company said it was not available yet because there was cleaning and maintenance that had to be done. My husband told her our situation and thanks to her we were looking at the place a few days later. That place is our current house. It is on a lake and our view is wonderful. As long as I looked past the dirt, grime and hideous kitchen the house was perfect. It is a split floor plan with nice sized bedrooms and a dining room I knew would make an awesome craft room. Besides that our time crunch made anything look better than it really was. Before we moved in we painted all of the walls and gave the entire house a deep clean but since it is a rental there wasn’t much we could do about the hideous kitchen. Also since it is a rental we don’t want to put a bunch of money into it either.
(Don’t judge the following picture, I don’t have the cleanest glass cook top on earth. If you have any good ways to clean one please tell me!)
Our Hideous Kitchen
By hideous kitchen I mean cheap ugly countertops, the cheapest not-even-wood white cabinets ever made and a tile backsplash that has imprints of fruit on it. The one thing I asked about when we were touring the house was if we could get a new oven. The current one had rust all along the bottom drawer (that isn’t even really a drawer!). We were told that the homeowner just purchased a brand new refrigerator (which ended up being nothing special but it matches the rest of the room) and after a few months they would pitch buying a new oven to the homeowner but then our air conditioner ended up needing to be replaced and the oven works fine so I just lived with it. Fast forward to a year later and I am so over that kitchen and especially the oven! I have done what I can to add things above the cabinets and onto the walls – anything to draw your eyes up and away from the ugliness. The other day I decided I was fed up and that I was going to do what I could.
When I went shopping last week I stopped by the spray paint isle and picked up a can of black appliance epoxy paint. I went with black because I don’t like the two tone oven idea in the first place and I figured black would cover up the rust better too. If this were a broiler drawer I would have gone with a high heat paint but in this case it isn’t and I wanted Rust-oleum.
I started by scrubbing down the surface and then drying it off. I then lightly sanded the entire thing especially over the rusted spots where paint seemed to be peeling. Again I wiped it with a wet paper towel and dried it.
Our Hideous Kitchen
I sprayed it and although you can still see a little bit of the rust texture at the bottom it is a whole lot better than before! This paint does take longer to dry than regular spray paint but it has a nice shiny appliance like finish. It makes me feel a tiny bit better about the oven.
Our Hideous Kitchen
I have a whole list of things to do in the kitchen and in our house for that matter. I am just waiting for the boys to go back to school because it is hard to get much done with them running around and getting into everything.
My home to-do list:
  • Spray paint kitchen hardware
  • Sew or buy curtains for the kitchen
  • Make a seating bench for the kitchen
  • Buy new chairs for our dining table
  • Decorate kids’ bathroom
  • Decorate our bathroom
  • Create a command center in our laundry room
  • Finish craft closet

and the list goes on….


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  1. Great job! I'll bet that one little fix makes you feel so much better! It reminds me a little of back when we were very first married and in our tiny kitchen the door of the microwave (which sat on the counter) swung over the open flame of the gas oven and melted/burned a little! I covered it with white nail polish, and it was months before my husband even noticed :)

    1. Lol! Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking? Obviously some man who never cooks planned that!

  2. How to clean your stove top:

    1. Get a flat razor blade and scrape all the stuff off you can!
    2. Use a magic eraser to clean it first.
    3. Get some "glass stove top cleaner" at walmart and buff, buff, buff!
    4. Repeat as needed until it shines!

    This may not make it 100% but it will improve it greatly! I'd give up my kitchen for a house on the lake! :)

    1. Thanks Skye! I am going to give it a try!! Ibhope your getting lots of snuggle time with your cutie. He sure does like to smile!


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