Poofy Cheeks: Creating an Inviting Entryway: Simple is Pretty

July 25, 2013

Creating an Inviting Entryway: Simple is Pretty

Hey – I’m Sandra from Simple is Pretty! In our new house, something was missing in our front entrance. I was unsure how to complete the space but then after a chaotic trip to IKEA we found a solution.

Inviting Front Entryway

I tried placing a chair behind the door for people to sit and take their shoes off. The chair was too small for the space, looked funny and it was in an awkward spot. I considered a small table or shelf. I knew I wanted a piece of furniture that would fill the space and be functional but not be too small. I was hoping I would find a white piece of furniture which would fit in and complement our other furniture. Here is what we decided to do to fill the space and create some extra storage…

Inviting Front Entryway

Our new addition is an IKEA Hemnes shoe cabinet. I placed a mirror above the cabinet to bring a darker color into the space.  The mirror is also great for quick hair and makeup checks before leaving the house. I added some unscented IKEA Fenomen candles placed on some white plates for decoration.

Inviting Front Entryway

Inviting Front Entryway

Now our entrance looks more inviting and complete.  The best part… it’s functional and we trip less over shoes cluttering the path to the front door because our shoes now have a home!



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