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July 24, 2013

A Day in My Shoes

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jelly Beans but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #JellysAreBack http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

Shoes – Have you noticed that feet and eyes are the first things you look at when you see someone? You give them the once over whether you know them or not, like them or not. I dated a guy in high school that brought this to my attention and I have never forgotten it. To tell the truth half of the time I am wearing flip flops that have seen better days so as people look to my feet I probably give the wrong impression by my shoes. I sure don’t give the message of ‘Hey, I am a creative and crafty person living in a DIY decorated home selling my trendy hair ties all over the world’ HA! Then Jelly Bean shoes enter the scene. Full of memories, fun and their look seems to match my personality to a T!

A Day in My Shoes: #JellysAreBack

I am a little quirky, a bit of a nerd, but on the other hand I am outgoing and spunky. I think a pair of Jelly shoes says I am a child at heart, creative, fearless and fun. If I had to pick a message to send people without speaking a word that would be the one I would chose. If my Jelly shoes are part of my first impression I may never take them off especially since they also seem to go with everything! I can dress them down in a pair of shorts or dress them up in a skirt. I can wear them on my frequent trips to Target or out to dinner with my husband. I can sport them at the beach or even spend a day in them at Disney World.

A Day in My Shoes: #JellysAreBack

A Day in My Shoes: #JellysAreBack

A Day in My Shoes: #JellysAreBack

A Day in My Shoes: #JellysAreBack

Right now if you were to spend a day in my pretty glitter Jelly Bean shoes you would know that-

  • I have not felt like cooking dinner lately
  • I am waiting and stressing on a check to come that should have been here a few weeks ago
  • My husband is having surgery next month to remove a part of his colon
  • Every few months I plan out our bills in advance and today was that day
  • I am only a few sales away from 500 in my ETSY shop
  • I sold 145 Santa sacks on Groop Dealz last week and I will be spending the next few weeks parked in front of my sewing machine
  • I keep playing We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus on YouTube because the We Can’t Stop, We Won’t Stop explains how I am feeling right now
  • My brother, sister and I are collaborating on a lifestyle blog together
  • I have been in an organizing mood lately – sorting through piles of mail, the kids’ clothes and my craft closet
  • I have seriously worn my Jelly Bean shoes every day since they arrived last week
  • This past Sunday evening with my entire family was perfect – pool, food and laughter
  • I am painting a few canvases for my brother’s new apartment and I forgot how therapeutic painting is to me

A Day in My Shoes: #JellysAreBack

Jelly Bean shoes started selling in the US on July 20th and they currently have thousands of them in all of their lovely colors here and ready to ship! I might also throw in that they are offering FREE SHIPPING in the US! I remember wearing these babies as a kid and when I wore them to my parents house for dinner Sunday night my mom commented that I had a pair just like these when I was little.

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So tell me what would be happening if I spent a day in your shoes?

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  1. Love everything about this post!! thanks for sharing a little about you with us. I hope you share those painting for your brother with us!

  2. You're adorable--even without those cute shoes! Hope your check arrives, your husband's surgery goes well and you get all those precious Santa bags finished!

    1. Thank You Michelle! I hope all of those things too ;)


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