Poofy Cheeks: Camping Recipe–Pie Iron Pizza

June 12, 2013

Camping Recipe–Pie Iron Pizza

Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza

I almost forgot that I had one last camping recipe to share with you from our camping trip last month. Being from the Chicago area I just can’t resist pizza – even while I am camping! I could seriously eat pizza for lunch and dinner every single day and be happy about it. These pizzas were super yummy and even my not-so-in-love-with-pizza husband agreed.

Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza

Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza

For these you need the following ingredients:

  • Bread
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pizza sauce
  • Butter

Making these is sort of like making a grilled cheese sandwich. First you butter two pieces of toast and put the buttered sides down onto the pie iron. Then you put pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on the top of one slice of bread. Close the pie iron and cook over the fire. Be careful where you put them because we had one that cooked in a really hot spot and came out burnt to a crisp.


Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza

Normally I would use regular bread, but we got this bread free when we bought lunch meat. It was an Italian bread and it was so good!

Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza

We found these pie irons at our Walmart for around $9 each but I’m sure outdoor places like Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shop carry them too.

Camping Recipe - Pie Iron Pizza

These also work great for making Panini-like sandwiches when you put lunch meat between two slices of bread. Who knew you could recreate a Panera Bread sandwich while you were camping?


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  1. Your timing is perfect! I just bought some of these pie irons on the weekend. I've pinned your recipe for our next camping trip. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Where's the final picture?! ahh!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this food you share here.. . looks delicious. . this is like one of my favorite things to eat! Thank you for the great sharing


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