Poofy Cheeks: 50 & Hot Jar–50th Birthday Gift Idea

April 15, 2013

50 & Hot Jar–50th Birthday Gift Idea

Both of my parents turned 50 this year. Yes the big 5-0! As I was looking around on Pinterest for fun gifts for them I saw the jars filled with lollipops that said ‘50 blows,’ but my mom always said she wanted to be hot at 50. When I think about it I want to be hot at 50 too! Who doesn’t? Instead of giving her a ‘50 blows’ jar I filled a jar with hot candies and put ‘50 & HOT’ on it.

50 & Hot Jar - 50th Birthday Idea #50th #birthday

I purchased the jar and hot candies (hot tamales and red hots) at the dollar store. I used my silhouette to cut out ‘50 & HOT’ on red vinyl and placed those on the jar. After filling it up with candy I tied twine and ribbon around the mouth of the jar. This was a quick, easy and cheap gift that my mom got a kick out of. This jar would be the perfect gift for anyone turning 50!

50 & Hot Jar - 50th Birthday Idea #50th #birthday


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  1. What a fun idea!!! Even if you didn't send it, I can think of other fun ways to use this idea at home with my kids. Thanks so much for the inspiration.'

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  2. how to order?/


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