Poofy Cheeks: Taking a Spring Break

March 23, 2013

Taking a Spring Break

Things have been a bit quiet around the blog the past week or so. They are going to remain quiet because I decided to take the next week completely off from blogging and spend quality time with my kiddos as well as get some other big projects done. I have been going a million miles a minute the past few weeks and I just need.a.break. On top of that I seriously found 5 gray hairs last week my kids deserve a stress free momma every now and then. My shop has been bringing in a steady stream of sales, I have been getting email after email from people wanting logo, shop or business card designs, I sold on Very Jane last week (210 onesies sold out on the first day) and I am also gearing up for Snap and The Queen Bee Market which are now less than 30 days away. I need help – serious help – I need a crash course in ‘how to say no’!


I am going back to the blog conference Snap next month and I will also be selling at The Queen Bee Market while I am there. I am super excited because selling at The Queen Bee Market has been one of my personal goals since I was able to attend it last year. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been busy working out the details of my booth setup. I have spent countless hours brainstorming all of the details and how to get everything from Florida to Utah so I can still have an awesome booth, but thankfully that part is almost done. Now I just need to focus on making a lot more hair ties, headbands and some new secret products that I will be debuting soon.


I mentioned that I have been doing some designing lately – I figured I would share the wonderful gals I have been working with and some of the designs I have done for them. They have all been so patient with me and I am grateful for that. It seems over the past few weeks on top of everything else I just can’t catch a break health wise. We all passed around the flu, my husband had important doctor appointments out of town, I slipped on stairs at the beach last week and hurt my back and now Delilah is teething which has turned her into a fussy nightmare. You would probably laugh hysterically if you came to my house --- me designing logos on the computer sitting straight up because my back is killing me while trying to console a crying baby and my boys sneaking into the pantry for countless fruit snacks without me knowing until I found the wrappers sticking out from under the couch. Oye! Sometimes I think the events in my home would make for a very entertaining reality TV show.

Here are some of the designs I have been working on – check these creative ladies out because you are bound to find something awesome!!


Ashley’s Storenvy design for Little Hipsters


Logo design ideas for Snuggle Time Knits


Logo design ideas for With Sugar on Top


Business Card Design for Abbey of The Cards We Drew (still working on this one)


Logo ideas for 11:11 Vintage Creations


A business card design for Thuy of My Paper Pinwheel


Logo design ideas for ‘Props’ to You (still a work in progress)

Happy Spring Break and Easter to everyone!


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  1. Oh lady! You are so busy! I can't wait to finish up my card design. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Whew!! I'm tired just hearing all this!! But, I am SO excited to meet you at snap!!!! I can't wait to shop poofy cheeks!! :)

  3. I want props from these knit places!!!

  4. GREAT designs Kelsey! Hope everyone feels better soon!! Take care,


  5. Awesome designs and congrats on reaching your dreams! Also have you tried the amber teething necklaces? I heard they were suppose to be good for teething. Thanks for my designs! i LOVE it!

  6. You are one busy woman!!! But good for you being able to make it work!!! Those are super cute designs you made up!!! I lOVE those burlap cinch bags!! Are you sellinf them in your shop?

  7. OH.MY.GOODNESS. GIRL. You are busy! Take a break, for yourself, your health and your family... :) Take care, hope you will all be better soon.


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