Poofy Cheeks: Shop Storenvy Tuesday–Chalkboard

February 19, 2013

Shop Storenvy Tuesday–Chalkboard

Chalkboard is E.V.E.R.Y.where and I LOVE IT! I am so in love with the chalkboard craze. I use chalkboard labels for everything in my craft room, I have a vintage window that I added chalkboard paint to and I’m in the process of filling up a new picture ledge in our living room with a few chalkboard printables. What is not to love about it? I found all eight of these lovely chalkboard finds on Storenvy.

Chalkboard Finds on #Storenvy

#1 – Stuff to Treasure
#2 – The Pine Nuts
#3 – Bubble and Mimi
#4 – That’s What {Che} Says

Chalkboard Finds on #Storenvy

#5 – Uber Tiny
#6 – Oh, Hello Friend
#7 – Shop Ellia Deals.com
#8 – Once Was Lost


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