Poofy Cheeks: Happy Heart Day!

February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying Valentine’s Day in their own special way today. Maybe for you it is a holiday for kids, one filled with romance, an excuse to eat out at a fancy restaurant or then again maybe you think cupid is stupid. I have to say that for a craft blogger who designed four Valentine’s treat printables this year I felt pretty defeated when my printer ran out of ink last night and my son had to take handwritten/handstamped tags tied around his lollipops!

As for my husband and I Valentine’s Day went like this…

(Talking to my husband who didn’t get home until after 9pm last night)
ME: I didn’t get you anything for Valentine’s Day this year so please don’t get me anything.
HUSBAND: When is Valentine's Day?

So for me it is all about the kids. My littles wore their Valentine’s Day shirts, exchanged treats at school and had a special pizza lunch that I was able to sit in on. Pre-K kids talk about the darndest things. If you need a good laugh go eat lunch with them! I learned about one girl who has two grandmas named grandma and another little girl’s cat named Princess who sleeps on her head.

The most exciting part of my Valentine’s Day was getting to see how Chelsea from Chelsea Peterson Photography used some Poofy Cheeks items in her Valentine Mini Session!

Valentine's Mini Session by Chelesea Peterson Photography - props by Poofy Cheeks

{Seriously isn’t this little lady the cutest chunker munker you ever did see? Poofy cheeks XOXO onesie and headband.}

Valentine's Mini Session by Chelesea Peterson Photography - props by Poofy Cheeks

{I die of cuteness overload!}

To see ALL of the photos from Chelsea’s V-Day Mini Session go visit her blog! They are seriously SO cute and if you live in the Salt Lake City area I advise you take advantage of her Easter Mini Session coming soon!


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