Crock Pot Angel Chicken

My friend Candice and I often exchange recipes. (Hey Candice!) We are both busy moms and love a delicious yet easy recipe! I recently made this crock pot angel chicken that Candice shared with me and knew it was a recipe I wanted to share on my blog. It seriously takes 5 minutes to prepare and then when you are ready to eat you just boil the pasta and toss it together. Quick and Easy: Crock Pot Angel Chicken Recipe #chicken #dinner Ingredients:

  • 6 frozen or fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 1 Italian dressing mix packet
  • 1 can of cream of chicken
  • 8 oz of chive and onion cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 1 box of angel hair pasta

Directions: Place chicken breasts in the crock pot. In a medium sauce pan melt butter and then stir in the italian dressing mix. Add cream of chicken, cream cheese and white wine stirring until combined. Pour the mixture over the chicken and cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-7 hours. When you are ready to eat prepare the angel hair pasta according to the directions. Before draining the pasta add 1/4 cup of the water to the chicken mixture if you would like it more creamy. Drain the pasta and toss together. Quick and Easy: Crock Pot Angel Chicken Recipe #chicken #dinner Quick and Easy: Crock Pot Angel Chicken Recipe #chicken #dinner Enjoy, signature
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About Kelsey

Kelsey is a wife and mom of four living in Central Florida. She shares recipes, crafts, DIY tutorials and so much more while keeping everything budget friendly.

21 thoughts on “Crock Pot Angel Chicken

  1. I LOVE this recipe. My husband is especially fond of it! I changed one ingredient in it and entered it into a local newspaper contest. I won first prize! I used marsala cooking wine instead of white wine. Next time try it out and see if you like it even better!

  2. This recipe has saved me countless times! You were a lovely find on Pinterest and I have had the honor of re-blogging you as part of my blogging class in culinary school, THANK YOUUU!!

  3. Do you leave chicken breast whole or chop? In picture chicken appears chopped.

    Thanks for reply

  4. Because of an allergy we can not have any wine I was wondering if chicken broth would work as a good substitute ?

  5. Sounds delicious but does cream cheese come in onion and chive? Or am I misreading the ingredients? I really want to try this but want to make sure I buy the right ingredients. If I can't find onion and chive cream cheese, can I just add those two ingredients?

  6. Yes, I'm sure you can, but Philly has all kinds of flavored cream cheese, including the one with chives. Maybe ask the grocer where you go.

  7. Have this in the crockpot now and the aroma is heavenly!! Anonymous, the cream cheese you're looking for is the soft, spreadable one in the little tub

    1. Well….if you have someone that can eat …6 chickens breasts at one sitting……
      only one………

    1. Place your curser to the left of the word "Ingredient". Left click and drag the curser across the entire recipe to highlight it in blue. Place the curser anywhere over the highlighted area. Right click & select copy. Open a blank word document & select Paste. This works for any recipe you wish to have as a saved document or ready to print. Sometimes how the recipe is set up, you have to do title, ingredients & directions in separate actions. Some times ingredients come up as a table, but that can be converted to text in the table design section. You can highlight the recipe title first or last & copy & paste it. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi Kelsey, the recipe looks amazing! I can't wait to try it tomorrow. It looks like you may have sprinkled some Parmesan on the top. Was this done right before serving or during the cooking process? Thanks for the response.

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