Poofy Cheeks: Consumer Crafts Craft Supply Sale!

January 27, 2013

Consumer Crafts Craft Supply Sale!

Last week I was introduced to a website that I can’t wait to share with you! It is an online craft store site called Consumer Crafts – my oh my where has it been hiding all my crafty life? This site is like gold to me because the nearest craft store is 10 minutes away and if they don’t have what I am looking for (which they usually don’t) the next nearest is 30 minutes. Needless to say with a newborn in tow and the rising  price of gas I haven’t been doing too many craft store trips. Now I don’t have an excuse for being low on supplies – this site is filled with all sorts of supplies (and at really good prices to boot!)

Right now Consumer Crafts is having a Back to Basics sale that you don’t want to miss! I was able to stock up on glue sticks, E6000, paper mache letters and all sorts of items for Easter crafts while sitting at my desk with baby snug in her wrap. See baby Delilah’s thoughts below…

Shop Consumer Crafts for affordable craft supplies online!

Maybe one of the best parts is that less than 24 hours after placing my order I got an email that my order had shipped! Talk about service!? I was totally impressed. Plus – for $50 I was able to order a hole bunch of stuff!

Shop Consumer Crafts for affordable craft supplies online!

Shop Consumer Crafts for affordable craft supplies online!

This isn’t even half of what was in my ‘cart’ at checkout! I got pom poms, magnets, cork pads, styrofoam eggs and more! FOR $50!

Shop Consumer Crafts for affordable craft supplies online!

I can’t wait to get my box of goodies this week – I plan to use my supplies to start my craft closet redo and quite a few Easter crafts.

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  1. Thank you for this site! Very excited, even better prices than save on crafts and better options lol

    1. They are better prices!!! Paying shipping is also better than paying for the gas in my case! :)

  2. This is just what my life needs! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I love your desk!!

    Found you through the GFC Blog Hop!

  3. That picture pretty much sums up why online shopping rocks!

  4. Thanks for sharing, the nearest Jo-ann's or Michael's is about an hour from me!


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