Poofy Cheeks: February 2012

February 25, 2012

Super Duper Group Giveaway

Thanks to a handful of my lovely sponsors – I am bringing you an awesome giveaway. Who doesn’t love a good giveaway?? I know I sure do! One person wins it all! Will it be you?
A thermal tote from Devona – a Thirty-One representative! Perfect for lunches, soda, or drinks for the beach!
A $10 Starbucks gift card and cute photo book from Kylene of Forever by Kylene.
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Spring twine trio, favorite thing tags, bag o’ vintage buttons, zebra notecards by Poofy Cheeks.
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Fabric Button Covered Earrings from Cat of Stuff I Love.
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A $10 Starbucks gift card from Jordann of Makin’ Memories of Us.
A watch,bracelet, and earring set by Shane of Whispering Sweet Nothings.
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An 8x10 Live-Laugh-Love Printable by Cassie of CCY Designs.
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So here is how you can win!! There are TONS of ways to enter!! Use the rafflecopter giveaway tool below. You must be a U.S. resident to enter and the winner will be chosen on March 1st. An email will be sent to the winner, and they will then have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked.
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February 22, 2012

What I Wore to the Post Office

Today the family and I went to lunch at our favorite deli and then I had to take some orders to the post office. I kept it comfy and casual! I’m thanking my husband for not telling me to push my glasses up right now. Excuse the nerdsy squinty eye look!




Aren’t you just drooling over my new bag? It is so AWESOME!!!!


Again – thank you husband for the wonderful squinty.half.covered.eye look! (Since it was totally his fault ya know! {wink}) Can I also just say that I ordered this shirt online and when it came I wasn’t a fan. It looked nothing like it did on their size 0 model. However, after washing it, it shrunk up a bit and I am really loving it!

My shirt is from Forever 21, Jeans are from TJ Maxx, Sandals are from Bealls, and Bag is from Thirty-One


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February 21, 2012

Let’s Do Lunch – Happiness


The loaded question. What does happiness mean to you? Does it mean finding your soul mate, living in a mansion, spending time with family, or having endless amounts of money? Maybe all of the above?

I used to think I would find true happiness through money – every now and then I still do. In my ‘real’ job I work with clientele that have endless amounts of money. There are days when I think – if only!! Then other days I hear their stories and realize they may have endless amounts of money, but the money can’t buy them family or friends. It doesn’t buy people to be with them on the holidays or to celebrate milestones.  Over the past few months my answer to this question has drastically changed.

I don’t need a mansion. I love my house and I would much rather be here than out anywhere else. I have created a home which I am comfortable in, happy in, and blessed to have. Yeah, sometimes I want to change things, buy new, get rid of old, but overall I love that my house is ME. I can take you on a tour of my home and say ‘I made this – I redid that from the thrift store – I made that too – Oh that ol’ thing… I bought it at Goodwill.’ Everything in my house is my style and I can truly say our house is a home.


Then I look at my two boys and it is pure, instant happiness. Their silly little comments can brighten any day. The way their little brains work can just crack me up sometimes. If that doesn’t bring happiness – what about the way they live without a care? They don’t care if we are having cereal for breakfast AGAIN, if we skip bath night, if I buy the store brand ice-cream. They are constantly happy and that brings happiness to me everyday. They don’t know or care that mommy is stressing about the bills or not getting enough hours at work. They still love on with smiling faces.



What sparked me to write this post? The fact that the other today we spent time as a family and after getting home and reflecting on the day I realized it was filled with nothing but happiness. It was filled with family time, love, good food, and most of all memories. We made memories and what is better than that? We packed up around noon and headed to a local park/ camp ground. It was just the four of us and we grilled burgers, the boys fished, I cut twine, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We don’t get many days like that – together as a family. Mike and I work opposite days, so usually one is working while the other is home with the boys.






Happiness isn’t always about money, nice cars, or a huge house. Happiness is about being in control of what you have. Being able to feel comfortable, make memories, and having people who love you. I am so loved by my three boys and that makes me forever happy!


(Please only link up your true life stuff – work, weight loss, life, and love. Please do NOT link up crafts, tutorials, or tips because there are plenty of link parties already made for those sorts of things.) I also ask that you kindly grab a button or put a text link in your blog post!

Poofy Cheeks

February 19, 2012

Spring is Springing Already!

Wow – I don’t think I have ever had so many things planned so far in advance! I am a live-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-last-minute sorta’ gal. I make rash decisions to redo rooms in the wee hours of the morning, plan weekend getaways on a Friday morning, and don’t typically plan that far ahead. However, I never used to be this way. I learned to live like this from my husband who is SO.LAST.MINUTE.

Any-who back to the matter at hand. I am going to be giving you a little insight on what I have going on this Spring. I might be tooting my horn a tad bit and using a lot of exclamation marks– so forgive me now! I am going to share some new items I have listed in my shop for Spring, a new venture I am going on, and some other plans sprinkled in.

So first off – here is what is new in my shop.



New twine colors and LOWER prices (which are here to STAY)!


and…. NEW HEADBANDS! I have to give all photography credit to my awesome husband! He did such a great job!!



Now for the next venture this Spring – I am going to be offering my blog design services! I started out going to school for graphic design and learned my way around Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Then after taking a required HTML class and starting this blog I decided I wanted to lean more towards web design. I changed my major to multimedia and web design. I am currently on a little hiatus from school, but I have 20 credits left to get my Bachelors degree. Hopefully this whole thing will kick me into gear and get me to finish the last few classes!

I’m rambling – you don’t really care about all that mumbo jumbo do ya? Well here is the good news – I want to add to my design portfolio which means I am offering discounts on my design services if you contact me within the next two weeks (just mention you read this on my blog)! I will then add you to the waiting list and give you an estimated time of completion. I am offering full redesigns as well as single item designs if you are just looking for a new banner or button.



Then I mentioned that I have a lot of plans in the next few months – which is not the norm for me. In March I will be doing two big blog guest posts (stay tuned to see where I will be!), wedding and baby showers are popping up on our radar, and I have big plans to approach brick and mortar shops about selling some of my items. In April I am going to SNAP! Seriously I feel stressed because I am list maker. I have already made a list for – shops to contact - things to buy – things to pack – guest post ideas – people I want to guest post on MY blog while I’m at SNAP! – blog post ideas for March – OH THE LISTS! OH THE CRAZINESS. It is a good craziness though. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This all brings me to another subject – sponsors for March! If you would like to sponsor me during the month of March I am opening up the spots NOW. Just shoot me an email if you are interested. Click on the button below to get prices and other info.



February 16, 2012

Yarn Wrapped Letter Tutorial

Last year around this time I was bombarded with baby shower invites. This year proves to be the same! All of my friends must love Spring time babies or something! In these parts (Florida) it REALLY isn’t fun to be prego during the summer months, so good planning on their parts! 
So as a gift I love making yarn wrapped letters using the first letter of the babies name. This is the yarn wrapped letter that I made last year for a friend’s baby shower -

My sister-in-law is pregnant and due in April. She is naming her daughter Arianna, so I picked up an ‘A’ on my last visit to JoAnne Fabrics! This craft is super easy and ANYONE can do it regardless of how many crafty bones ya’ got!

To make your own letter you will need:
  • A paper mache letter (I got mine from JoAnne Fabrics)
  • Yarn – any kind works!
  • Hot glue gun (with quite a few glue sticks!)
Now there really isn’t much to it – you want to wrap and glue. Here is the trick though – plan how you are going to wrap because in the end you don’t want a criss-cross of yarn. I looks better if it is all going one way! Also, glue on the insides or on the side you deem as the ‘back’ just incase you see a little bit of it in the end. Easy enough? Get to wrappin’ my friends!
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