Poofy Cheeks: Virtual Assistant Anyone?

September 4, 2012

Virtual Assistant Anyone?

Virtual Assistant Services by http://www.skyemclain.com/

One of my best blogging friends is starting out on a new chapter and I couldn’t be happier to help her spread the word! My girl Skye from the blog Neathering our Fest went to Haven this year, and met some awesome bloggers that were looking for a virtual assistant. As the conversation pursued Skye took on the task and has been a V.A. for those ladies ever since. In the past few months Skye has learned that she LOVES doing the virtual assistant job and has decided to try to make it a full time gig! Super exciting right?

So have you been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant? Did you even know they exist? Read below!

Virtual Assistant Services by http://www.skyemclain.com/

Skye has many different packages available to fit any price range. Maybe you want somebody full time or maybe you just need help for a week while you’re out of town. If there is one thing I know about Skye it is that she is very motivated, reliable and gets things DONE! Skye and I are in a ‘blogger support group’ if you will, and Skye is like the main organizational honcho. She is always prompt, organized, and has awesome availability!

Are you still a little confused as to what Skye can do for you?

Virtual Assistant Services by http://www.skyemclain.com/

Seriously – I am so excited for Skye! When I have baby number 3, I am going to be counting on Skye to help me manage my ETSY shop listings and make sure my blog posts go up as scheduled! To see the different rate packages that Skye offers you can click HERE.

So your drowning in emails or are too busy relisting shop items to actually CREATE them? Hurry and get in touch with Skye!

I know that today is feeling a lot like Monday and I could really use some help from Skye…. like a kick in the butt to get things in gear!



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