Poofy Cheeks: Our Summer–Instagram Style

August 19, 2012

Our Summer–Instagram Style

Instagram has taken over my phone this summer (you can follow me here!). It is a happy takeover though, because without my phone pictures I probably wouldn’t have ANY pictures to show! My phone is just so much lighter and easier to carry around, plus I usually have it everywhere I go. I was looking through all of our summer pictures last night and it seems like it just flew on by! My youngest starts Pre-K tomorrow, so today is officially our LAST day of summer break. Now we get to wake up early and have him off to school by 9am on the weekdays. I would totally be lying if I said A. That I won’t shed a few tears tomorrow and B. That I might be a tad bit excited to only have one boy for 3 hours for five days a week. I can see easier shopping trips in my future. I can also see cranky little boys that will not be used to this new waking up early and going to bed early schedule for the next few weeks.

We did a lot of swimming at my parent’s pool.


Then a lot of sleeping after long hot days in the sun.


My belly grew – (15 weeks here).


We moved at the end of June.


Painted our new house… the ENTIRE thing!


We had lots of good food.


Celebrated Mason’s 3rd birthday. He got his first fishing pole.


My belly grew some more…


We found out the baby in that bump was a girl and I turned another year older.


Took a trip to the park and never went back because it was too darn hot!


Took lots of trips to the beach and played in the sand. Then we cooled off in the water!


Celebrated my husbands birthday.


Spent a lot of mornings answering emails, blogging, making and listing new items, and filling shop orders.


My belly grew MORE – 24 weeks.


Wyatt had an outpatient surgery – all went well and he was better in a few days.


Mike and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary with a mini cake just like the one we had on our wedding day.


I worked on getting my craft room here in our new house back together (and it might just be ready for a reveal soon!)


I’m almost to 500 followers on the blog because YOU are all awesome!


Finally, my belly grew more (26 weeks) and I got the new Galaxy S III phone which means better pictures!!


I hope you all had a great summer - I know ours was too quick, but I am so ready for fall crafts and fall comfort food. We won’t have Fall temperatures here for a while, but I can at least crank down the A/C and pretend!


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