June 4, 2012

Thrifted Christmas Tins Turned Patriotic

I bought some Christmas tins at a garage sale a while back for $.20 each. I knew I didn’t like the Christmas print, but I am a spray paint addict, so I had plans to cover them in chalkboard spray paint for my kitchen. Time went by and they got shoved into a box in our garage. I came across them a few weeks ago while armed with red and blue spray paint for my patriotic entryway and I knew they had to become a part of it.
Patriotic Tins by Poofy Cheeks
Goodwill Tin Redo
I gave the tins a good coat of spray paint and even painted a terracotta pot while I was at it. Once they dried I added some white vinyl stars and called it a day. Who can complain about $0.20 pieces of d├ęcor? If you don’t come across any of these while visiting garage sales – try your local thrift store. I don’t think I have ever been in my Goodwill and NOT seen some sort of holiday tin!
Patriotic Tins by Poofy Cheeks
Patriotic Tins by Poofy Cheeks
Patriotic Tins by Poofy Cheeks

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