Poofy Cheeks: Plans to Quit

June 5, 2012

Plans to Quit

I really am not the type of person to QUIT anything. I have a hidden competitiveness that pushes and drives me to try to be the best at everything I do or try. However, something inside of me is pushing to be the best mother and wife that I can be. This means I have to quit something else.


So what I am I quitting you ask? My ‘real’ job! Not now, not next month, but after baby #3 arrives in November I have plans to try to quit completely and to focus only on my family and my shop. I have been dreaming and thinking of quitting after the baby’s arrival, and I think this is just the push that I need.

I know it will take some trial and error in the beginning, but I also know my husband will support me every step of the way. I put together a ‘plan of action’ on how to help market and spread the word about my shop from July until the baby is due in November. Each month I am going to try a different strategy to help reach as many people as possible and test methods of marketing that work best for my shop and I.


Not only will I be pursuing my shop full-force and marketing throughout the next few months, I have a list of new items that will be making their way into the shop!

Follow along and see what happens!


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