Poofy Cheeks: Our Memorial Weekend Recap

May 31, 2012

Our Memorial Weekend Recap

This past weekend was jam packed with fun, family, and good food. The first part of this weekend revolved around my brother and his graduation from High School. Friday night was the ceremony and Saturday afternoon was his graduation party.

Did I mention that they had this graduation outside in the Florida heat? We were all sweating our butts off!


The picture below is of my brother, sister, and I. Hunter will be going to the University of Central Florida next year. My sister is already going there and is in their nursing program.


Wyatt and Poppy before the graduation party – big dorks! (The dogs were jealous!)


Can you tell who doesn’t like to smile for pictures? That would be my soon-to-be middle child.


We spent the rest of the weekend in the pool and honoring those who fought/fight to protect our freedom. As someone who has never had a direct family member serve in the military it is all new to me. My sister’s boyfriend is going to be deployed to Afghanistan in August, and when the Veteran’s were asked to stand at my brother’s graduation I got tears in my eyes. I never really knew what it meant or felt like before that. I am a bit pregnant and hormonal, but I don’t know exactly why I was crying – I think I was more proud of him than anything.


I hope you all had a great weekend!


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