Poofy Cheeks: Where to Sell? Storenvy, ETSY or Big Cartel

April 16, 2012

Where to Sell? Storenvy, ETSY or Big Cartel

Are you wondering where you should sell your wares? I have sold on all three of these platforms. I started out selling on ETSY in early 2008 and sold there for over three years. My time on ETSY was bittersweet (more on this in a bit!).  I sought out a different platform in early Fall of 2011 and found Big Cartel. My time on Big Cartel only lasted a few months. After realizing that Big Cartel just wasn’t working for me I found Storenvy. Read below to see my thoughts on each of the platforms, the pros/cons of each, and why I think Storenvy kicks butt (that is just a personal opinion though)!


First there was ETSY. I’m not going to sit here and pretend ETSY isn’t great – because it is. Trust me – they have come a LONG way since I started my account in 2007. They have a large marketplace of sellers and buyers. Keyword in that sentence is ‘buyers’ – they have them! ETSY shops get a lot of traffic because the site is getting millions of views per month - with the only issue being the competition. Most of the time if you are looking for a specific item or supply the chances are somebody else is selling the same or similar item. Who has the best price? Who is offering the cheapest shipping? Most people will shop around! Yes there are still those shops who are selling one-of-a-kind items and they are kicking some major ETSY selling toosh!

As far as the sellers platform – it is super easy to use! It could not be more self explanatory. There are features such as built-in Google Analytics (which you know I am a huge fan of!) and I love the feedback feature. I often check it if I am buying from somebody for the first time.


Moving on to ETSY as a community – it is thriving! There are tons of people joining teams and participating in their forums. It is a great place to ask questions and get advice.

If it were not for some customer service issues I would probably still be selling on ETSY. My relationship ended with ETSY when I had an issue that was messing up my ability to sell items and nobody would respond to me. There was no number to call – just an email which they didn’t respond to very quickly. For a company making millions of dollars and to which I paid quite a lot of fees to over the years - I was upset to say the least. I’m in the business of customer service and quite frankly their customer service SUCKS! (I hope they have fixed that since then!)


My experience with Big Cartel only lasted a few months. The reason for that is because I was not able to bring enough traffic on my own. Though I might be able to now, I just didn’t know HOW to bring the traffic at the time. I went from selling tons of items on ETSY to zero items on Big Cartel. It was a crush to my ego but at the same time it was a boost to my determination.

The good things about Big Cartel were that you paid one flat fee based on the number of listings you wanted to have. My fees were lower for sure, but like I said I didn’t have any sales to make it worth it. If you find that most of your traffic is being self driven from your blog, facebook, or twitter account – Big Cartel may be the place for you (if you pretend you know nothing about Storenvy!) Another good thing about Big Cartel – you can customize your storefront if you know html and CSS or you hire someone else who knows it!


The negative side of Big Cartel is that there is no feedback feature and there is virtually no marketplace or community to interact with other Big Cartel shops. My advice to you – don’t attempt to sell on Big Cartel unless you are driving most all of your own traffic! I would not suggest starting out on Big Cartel.


Now onto Storenvy. I think Storenvy is the best thing since sliced bread! Why do I think this? Well #1 – It is FREE and who doesn’t like free? Unless you want to use your own domain name or run extra special deals – you don’t pay a thing. #2 – They have some awesome customer service. If I have a question I can shoot them an email or a tweet and they respond in a very timely manner. #3 – They really care about their sellers! They tweet, facebook, and blog about their sellers. I don’t just mean a generic tweet – I mean mentioning you in it and making you feel like a part of something.


The down side to Storenvy is that it is still growing, so even though they do have a marketplace – you may not pull too many sales from it. At least it is there though - and with all of the Storenvy ‘pros’ I think this will change! The other ‘con’ is that there isn’t really a feedback feature in place. Anyone can comment on your page, but if somebody is shopping directly through your shop they won’t see it. Lastly they only allow 55 characters for tagging or describing your item. Maybe I just have a big mouth, but I wish it were more like 75. I always feel like there is one more word I want to put, but I run out of characters in the middle of it.

Hope that helps any of you with questions! I have some more selling tips coming soon!



  1. Great comparison. Im comparing big cartel w/ storenvy right now (already have an etsy called Little Hawthorne) and you're right...you can't beat FREE! Thanks for blogging.

  2. I am very successful on Artfire. It is a drive your own business site though, but the flat fee for an unlimited number of listings is amazing and saves me sooo much in fees vs etsy! I loathe Etsy's politics!

    1. I have dabbled in artfire but it was a few years ago. I also loathe ETSY politics!!! I have started selling on their again as well as on Storenvy but I stay off of the forums and such because they just make me angry.

    2. If you are talking about Artfire, your items show on the side of the threads and do drive traffic when you contribute to the forums.

    3. Hello,
      I just started a store on store envy a few weeks ago. It's probably been 3 weeks but I still haven't made any sales. I have about 20 items in my store. I work hard to make a good product, take good pictures, and I have a link to the site on Instagram. The 2nd week I got over 100 views but only 1 envy and no followers. There aren't any other people making what I make but I think there is a market for the style of the product. My stuff is completely hand-made but not at an unreasonable price. If anything I have underpriced them. What might be doing wrong? Is this usual? I had my stuff in a real shop for years and sold everything.

  3. Check out www.minidiva.storenvy.com
    Feedback would be greatly appreciated.!

  4. Great Post, thanks. I was wondering where to sell as am just starting out. I will avoid Big Cartel - although had never heard of it (no I am not a hermit lol) just never really took much time for social media, it's a learning curve. Thanks again.

  5. Thanks to this blog I just opened a store at storenvy too =) will be selling jewelries and knick knacks =)

    Thank you =)

  6. Thanks for this blog! I feel the same way. Storenvy is a little online community.

    Check out my vintage shop!


    Thanks for the views!

  7. I have just opened a store on storenvy http://lovestation.storenvy.com on yesterday. Will see how it goes.

  8. I have a site on bigcartel. I love the simplicity and ease of use. I've only been open for 2 weeks..I've had 20 views but no buyers. Im using the basic free plan..how do I get buyers?

  9. Thanks for the info I just created my Rocked Out Silver store on store envy. I will still look into cartel. Let me know what you think:)


    thanks again for the useful information!!

  10. Thank you for posting this! I only recently started on Etsy and just this week opened up my Storenvy shop because I quickly found a lot of the frustrations that Etsy critics have been vocal about. My biggest issue is the over-saturation on Etsy, which is why I'm trying out Storenvy and poking around the net for for articles like yours.

  11. Please visit my store on storenvy :

    Lots of druzy cabochons for your pendant, earring, bracelets and other jewelries :)

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I have gotten a little frustrated with my lack of sales on etsy, but I believe that it has a lot to do with poor quality photos in that past, lack of descriptions, and a few other things. I have been working on my Storenvy page this past weekend, but after reading this article I think that I shouldn't give up on etsy just yet even though the fees really dip into my pockets.

  13. no sales on storenvy, too many views but no one is buying, complete waste of time. Sorry, just being honest.

  14. Thank You THANK YOU!!

  15. Wonderful and much needed information. Thank you!!!

  16. Check out my lil' start up shop if you have the chance!


    Stocked with some cute spring essentials!

  17. I just recently decided to pull my shop from Etsy to Storenvy. I like that Storenvy doesn't have any fees, which is better than Etsy for me. I got charged more than I was making on Etsy, which sucks.

    xxDenysia Yu

    1. same with my store on etsy I spent more than I sold,and their politics suck,i closed up shop this month out of utter frustration with etsy

  18. I have used storenvy, etsy, open sky, amazon, ebay & my own website. Here are my thoughts.

    1. Learn to build a basic ecommerce site. You can use wordpress with few plugins or you could use opencart and get tad more technical. Or you can just pay company to do most of the lifting for you for about $30 month (shopify).

    2. You shouldn't have to bring these site traffic. If your going to do all the work for them....why not just direct it to your own website. You will control your website...any of those companies can pull plug on your store in moments notice.

    3. If they have traffic....join them. This is why I think Etsy, Amazon & Ebay are good choices. Amazon & Ebay are massive traffic sources. Etsy also holds its own. Shopify, Open Sky, Big Cartel rely on your bringing the most valuable commodity to the table...traffic.

    Good Luck

  19. I think I'll try Storenvy for my next store.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. I love Storenvy, but you're right that it doesn't have the same customer base as Etsy. I'm hoping this will change with more exposure on FB and people like you talking about it. Thanks for the article.

  21. I opened a shop on Storenvy and have loved them! I do wish we had more exposure, though. The only sale I have made through the online shop is a friend. I am just getting exposure, so because of that, most people shopping are my friends and they message me through Facebook. Thank you so much for the comparison!


  22. Thanks Kelsey, but are you still on Storenvy?

  23. Thank you ever so much for posting a comparison between online storefronts. I finally quit eBay and I'm glad that I did now that they have a 90 day return policy and sellers are losing money left and right. I've been up in arms trying to weigh the pros and cons between etsy and Store Envy and you answered my question to the T.

    Since leaving eBay I've been successfully selling my garden gnomes on my blog SouthwestGardenGuide.BlogSpot.com but, I've been wanting my very own storefront like you have.

    Thank you again for all the work you put into your article. I don't think you realize how helpful it has been to many people looking for another avenue to sell besides eBay.


  24. Although Etsy and Storenvy are great sites, there are many others to choose from. Boheman is a new one that has a commission feature. It is free to set up a store and sellers only pay once they sell something. It is a flat 5%. It isn't as big as Etsy so you don't come into contact with all the mass produced products you have to sift through on Etsy. Another good thing about Boheman is that they let you promote your shop and your products by being social on their site. Just by sharing, voting, and liking products, they take all of it into account and give you marketing spots on their website, blog, and social media. Boheman is new, but I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future. Boheman - www.boheman.com

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