Poofy Cheeks: SNAP Bound

April 17, 2012

SNAP Bound

This week has been another crazy one! You might remember – I won a ticket to SNAP in November and it snuck right up on me! My flight leaves bright and early tomorrow morning and then off I go for a few days of blogging fun!

I have a few crazy thoughts about this trip though! I’m a little afraid of the many layovers I have. On my way to Salt Lake City I have two layovers and on my way home I have one layover. Since I have only ever flown 3 times in my life and they have all been non-stop flights – it makes me a little nervous. I keep thinking thoughts like ‘what if I get lost, what if they loose my luggage, and will I have enough to keep me busy?’ I don’t know why I am letting myself freak out like this. I am not even checking any luggage on the way there! I also bought Bloom by Kelle Hampton, a bag of snacks, and filled my iPod with songs to keep me occupied.


On another note – I am also VERY EXCITED about this trip. Between twitter and the SNAP blog, I have found out that some of my very favorite bloggers will be there. Lovely ladies like Jenn from Tatertots and Jello, Desiree from The 36th Avenue, Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime, and SO many more! I am rooming with two awesome girls as well; Christa and Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft. We have sent many emails back and fourth trying to plan everything out from transportation to what we are each wearing!

I do have mixed emotions about leaving my two boys and husband for this long. I have gone away 2-3 times before, but I have always been with my husband while the boys stayed with their grandparents. This time it is just me. It is a liberating feeling, yet a bit ‘odd’ feeling. My husband is going to be in charge of running the house, and don’t tell him but I think he is going to find it is harder than he thinks!

P.S. I am also very excited that the Queen Bee Market will be at SNAP too… I hope to get my shop on!!

Queen Bee Market Snap conference

P.S.S. I hope you will check back tomorrow! I am sharing some BIG news on the bloggity blog.


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