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January 7, 2012

Junk In My Drawers

No, this isn’t exactly what you may have thought by reading the title. I’m not talking about the junk in my TRUNK – I’m talking about the junk in my DRAWER. The junk drawer to be specific.

Who doesn’t have a junk drawer, closet, basket, shelf or somewhere they stick the junk? Growing up we had a junk drawer in our kitchen next to the telephone. It was also the drawer that was home to our phone book. Phone book – the thought of one of those makes me laugh. We don’t have a home phone, we don’t use a phone book, and just yesterday we had one delivered to the house. I either want a sign that says we don’t want your phone book, or a sign with an arrow pointing down the recycle bin that says ‘deliver phonebooks here’.

Okay so enough about the phonebook – back to the drawer. I have been highly irritated every time I have opened the junk drawer lately. I mean it IS a place for junk, but it is NOT a place for knotted cords, a broken fire alarm, dog claw clippers for the dog we don’t own, and mystery keys. Hopefully the keys are not to a long lost safe with loads of money and gold.


I mean this thing will barely close! And where did that crayon on the side of the drawer come from? I JUST noticed it!! Looks like I better get out the magic eraser tomorrow. Want to play Eye Spy? I spy an empty box of chalk, shoelaces, an old laptop battery, and two hammers. I’d love to place the blame on someone else, but I know this is NOT a mess my children made. I’ll place half the blame on my husband and half on …. myself…. okay I said it!


I bought this lovely organizer from TJ Max last night – I will now call it the clutter cutter.


Ten million dust bunnies, nails, screws, and batteries later – it still looks like a bunch of junk, but at least it is organized junk. I can FINALLY find the scissors. I no longer have to use my steak knives to open things in the kitchen.

Just thought I’d share my first step to organization in 2012 -


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