Poofy Cheeks: May 2011

May 19, 2011


Well if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been away from my blog for a few weeks. I mentioned I was going to Disney – but I never intended to be gone as long as I was! It just so happens that my computer stopped working – some error saying Windows wouldn’t load. Come to find out the hard drive went bad and we lost all of our photos, files, and everything else we had ever saved to our computer.

Please friends… BACK UP YOUR FILES! I might as well have thrown all of my pictures away because now they are GONE! Thank goodness I have a lot of them posted on my blog or Facebook, but I still lost a lot of files.

In all of this I have placed an external hard drive at the top of my list of ‘things to buy!’ Remember to back up your files OFTEN to an external hard drive, discs, flash drives, or an online storage site.


I am happy to be back and I have a lot of things to share! I actually think the break was much needed because I was having a creative block around the time my computer had the hard drive death. I’m filled with ideas now and getting ready to start planning Mason’s 2nd Birthday Party – Pirate Style!

Here are some of our pictures from Disney-

There is plenty more where these came from .. I'll be sharing more on our Disney trip next week.