Poofy Cheeks: Falling Leaf Wreath

November 21, 2011

Falling Leaf Wreath

Here in Florida there are not many falling leaves. That means I had to recreate the fall I dearly miss. The fall where the trees all around turn orange and yellow – a fall I took for granted. I miss those Illinois falls!!

Tulle Fall Leaf Wreath

To make it I used:
  • a metal wreath form
  • fake leaves
  • orange thread and needle
  • Orange tulle

It is so simple! Just knot the tulle around the wreath form and then use thread and needle to attach the fake leaves. Wah-lah you got a falling leaf wreath!

Tulle Fall Leaf Wreath

Tulle Fall Leaf Wreath

Tulle Fall Leaf Wreath


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  1. Thanks for linking up! This wreath is super cute :)


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