Poofy Cheeks: Weekend Wrap Up–Beach Fun!

July 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up–Beach Fun!

This weekend was filled with fun in the sun for me and my boys. It truly felt like summer. I even got a bit of a sunburn on my white back. I’m talking hasn’t seen sunlight in years, blind you in the dark pale white! Sad to say my husband had to work all weekend, so he didn’t get to join in a lot of the fun. Luckily we were able to finish the weekend off with date night though.

Friday I started knocking out Laundry Mountain and we played with our new bubble machine. (Thank you Candice!!)





Saturday we headed to Flagler Beach and met with my dad and sister. It was a beautiful day!




The boys kept filling buckets and then standing in them…


or dipping their heads in them…


Then my dad buried Mason (because Wyatt didn’t want to get sandy-somebody tell him we are at the beach!!!).


Mason put on my sunglasses as protection against sand and they got to burying.


He was too funny. He just laid still while they covered him up.


When we left the beach the boys, my sister, and I stopped by the local snow cone shop and picked up these babies. The perfect end to a sunny day at the beach! The boys were left with blue raspberry lips to match.


Today I finished the rest of Laundry Mountain and then we headed back to the beach!




Once again we ended the day with snow cones!


When Mike got home from work we got dressed, dropped the boys of with their grandparents and had a mommy-daddy date night at Red Lobster. We both needed a little break! I took the opportunity to get a good picture of the two of us….


and one of myself since it seems that I am always BEHIND the camera! I had to find a picture of myself a few weeks ago and I thought that it would be no problem. Well I went through five files of pictures and came up with 3 pictures that had me in it! I found out quickly that I am always the one taking the pictures and never IN them!


My weekend ended way better than it started! How about yours?

P.S. I’ve been doing a lot of planning for Halloween posts (already!!). I am going to do 31 Days of Halloween again – 100 times better than last year!



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