Poofy Cheeks: Weekend Wrap Up!

July 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

This weekend was LONG but I feel like I did not accomplish much of anything. I made some good food, made the kitchen messy, neglected the laundry, went on the hunt for some good summer sales, and then worked most of the day on Sunday.

Friday the boys and I got to see our new friends in the backyard. Three baby armadillos. When we saw them a few weeks ago they even let us close enough to touch them. This time Mason scared them away when he slammed the patio door. I don’t know much about armadillos, but I do know they grow fast! They have almost doubled in size since we first saw them a few weeks ago.





Saturday I got the boys up and we headed to Kohl’s, hit up a few garage sales. Then I went grocery shopping (because I really know how to have fun on a Saturday evening!) I have a secret – I have been attempting to coupon. Not the buy 48 mustards because they are $.30, but the save a few dollars on items we REALLY use and buying four of something at most! For $10 I was able to get everything pictured. (4 Hersey Syrups, 2 All detergents, 2 packages of light bulbs, and 2 Covergirl Eye Shadows). Savings was $23.


Then my friend called and told me about a SUPER clearance at Target. All of their summer items were 75% off! For $13 I was able to get all the stuff below! Thanks Candice!!!


Other than that the boys got to swim in the new pool Mason got for his birthday.




That’s all folks! Hope you all had a great weekend!!


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  1. you have baby armadillos? word to the wise - i would do my best to get rid of them!! they will root up everything in your yard... even though i love armadillos (my mom collected them and in her memory i have one tattooed on my ankle...) but they are pests!!

    looks like the pool was a huge hit! :) happy monday! :)


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